Leveling up before my time

Perhaps this is expected behavior but to me it seems strange: I will advance in level once new lessons are “unlocked” but not before they are reviewed.

This results in advancing in level before clearing the previous level’s items to review. Meaning I can have 160 lessons in the qeue, not have studied all lessons for the current level, but the system bumping me to the next level.

I feel like a cheat, advancing without actually earning it. :frowning:

Preferred behavior: advance in level once all lessons are reviewed for that level. Unlocking doesn’t do anything to my current level status.


I think level ups are not because of reviewing lessons, but because of Guru+ing 90% of the kanji of the previous level. Maybe if you look at it in that way, it seems like a more sound method?


I think you’ve drawn some incorrect conclusions from what you’re seeing. You level up once 90% of your kanji (for a particular level) have reached Guru. Vocabulary doesn’t affect your levelling at all; it just helps (importantly!) to reinforce the kanji.

I think a lot of people would feel very frustrated if they had to get all of a level’s vocabulary to Guru as well before levelling: each level would take much longer, and you’d have several days with no lessons. Lots of people like to do a consistent number of lessons per day, so if there were forced breaks that would be annoying.

Just adding an extra condition of ‘finish all your lessons’ (without getting them to Guru) would feel like a pointless extra hurdle; doing a lesson is easy and doesn’t prove anything. It would also encourage people to do massive heaps of lessons in one go in order to level up. That works for some, but again, most people like to spread their lessons out evenly.


It’s also worth noting that (assuming you’re not using reorder scripts) you still have to learn all those vocab before you can start on the next levels radicals and kanji. Thus before you level up again you’ll most likely have reviewed the previous levels vocabulary to the point of guru-ing the majority of them.


Thanks @Radish8 @Pep95 @jalwood1 ! I will try and readjust my thinking when it comes to the validity and worthiness of my leveling up. Regrettably, I am an “inbox 0” type personality so never getting to zero (or rarely for very long) in Lessons really irks my OCD.

Also my apologies that this was probably in the FAQ somewhere and I missed it. All hail guru+ing!


I am definitely of the same ilk, but I found it really improved my WK experience once I stopped worrying about getting lessons down to zero at all times :slightly_smiling_face: for me personally a structured approach is much more effective than a zero approach.


Levels are mostly good for keeping track of progress and providing some incentive. I found this all super confusing as well. Specifically the difference between


I never really feel like I’ve leveled up until I see the first radical for the level. It mostly means that things like wkstats.com show my slowest level as the level after the one I really struggled with, since most of my struggles are in vacab readings. I’m working on some Apple Watch support for one of the 3rd party clients (here) and my current level being 0% learned is discouraging … I almost feel like I need to display the previous level (where I’m 60% done including vocab) until that first radical just for it to make sense.

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I just did my L19 radicals today, and I completely agree with you. I submitted #219 over at Tsurukame’s GitHub proposing a setting where you could show it as Level xx.5 (or something) like in your Watch app draft (which looks great so far!)

I am frustrated, because I am supposedly advanced to a new level, but I do not get anything for that level for ages. I am still incomplete on the previous level. I would like to get to that material first.

I am using the preview, and I have been sitting on level 7 for ages. I only just recently actually got into level 7 material. It shows me at 0 out of 30 kanji. Problem: I count 33 kanji.

How many level 6 reviews did you have before leveling up?
You have to learn all level 6 items before the items from level 7 starts showing up

You need to get 90% of the kanji to Guru in order to unlock the next level, hence the “0 out of 30 kanji”. The actual number of kanji on this level is really 33, but you don’t need to get them all to Guru to get to level 8.

Hope that helps

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This is expected behavior, but seeing the 0% complete on your new level when you still have vocal vocab lessons is infuriating.

Who knows? I am very slow at learning languages. It was a couple of months before I finally hit the level 7 radicals. All during that time, I was not seeing level 6 progress, and I was still working on level 6.

I would rather see the real numbers, something like:
0 out of 33 kanji (0%). You need 90+% to advance.

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I agree, I find it a bit confusing too…

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Good idea. @oldbonsai, what do you think?

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It’s not a bad idea, and I’ll add it to our conversations around level ups. We’re working on some ideas around changing how that works.

We want both reduce the confusion about what leveling up means and make it easier to see your progress on vocabulary, since that’s such an important part of the learning process. All the discussion above is a pretty good overview of the frustrations we hear (and feel while we’re using WK, too).

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