Level menu is showing 100% on a level I haven't finished

Hi Developers,
I leveled up to 23 a while back, but I’m still unlocking vocabulary from 22. If I go to the “level” drop down menu and choose level 22 (to check my progress on what’s left), it shows it all 100% complete in all three sections. However, if I start a new lesson, I still get the remaining 22 Vocabulary as expected.

FYI, if I go to level 23 (which I have not started on yet), it shows that I have started all my radicals and some kanji/vocabulary.

If click a non-grayed out (active) Radical/Vocabulary/Kanji (like “leather” in my screen shot), it shows no progress on that character’s page as expected (since I have not actually started that level).

Like I said, lesson still work as usual, but I can’t check what’s left via the “level” drop down menu.

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I think it’s just stuff you have unlocked, not that you’ve started reviewing it.

Yeah. It does say Locked/Active at the top.

No, I think it’s busted. For example yesterday’s progress showed 85/115 vocabulary on level 22. Today it shows 115/115, but I only did 6 new vocabulary lessons since yesterday. It is only supposed to show a character as unlocked once you do a lesson.

Here it is straight from the crabgator’s mouth:

Plus my home page shows all level 23 radical/kanji as locked, but the “level” menu for 23 has a lot of lesson’s unlocked:


Are you sure that your vocabulary lessons are not from level 23?

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Ok, the items on a level page are only grayed out when you have not unlocked them. It’s showing 100% because, even though you haven’t done the lesson, you have unlocked the items. It’s a bit confusing because even though you unlocked them, you haven’t actually started them.

The homepage radicals/kanji only show as unlocked when you actually do the lessons. So the homepage unlocking and level unlocking are different.

This is from guruing some level 22 kanji and unlocking the rest of the 115, not from actually doing new vocab lessons.

When I want to see what items I have available and left in my lesson queue, I go to the items page on wkstats.com:10001. You can see which items are still actually locked and which ones are in your lesson queue.

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@sasquatch666: There is a difference between the dashboard and the level/radical/kanji/vocabulary pages, and it’s pretty subtle (read: confusing).

The level (and friend) pages show if it’s unlocked, which means that it is in your lessons queue or in your review queue. That shows up in the progress bar and with the color. The dashboard shows if you’ve got them into the review queue (so, you’ve done the lessons) and you’re chipping away at passing them.

The 85% to 100% jump thing you saw was because we fixed a long standing inconsistency between the level pages and the radical/kanji/vocabulary index pages.


We know the progress bar on the index pages isn’t super clear, and the nomenclature on the legend doesn’t shed much light on things either. I’ve shared the feedback with the rest of the team to help us make that better as we shine up those pages.

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Now that the main question has been answered, and since it’s pretty related to this and I don’t want to make a new topic just for this, has this been changed recently? I feel like I remember both the numbers going up right after I did lessons, as well as using that as a way to gauge progress on the vocab from the previous level I had left to do the lessons for… but that obviously wouldn’t be possible if it worked like it does now. So, has this been changed at some point or are my memories just weird?

(or for another option, maybe it was a script or something if it wasn’t changed?)

The 85% to 100% jump thing you saw was because we fixed a long standing inconsistency between the level pages and the radical/kanji/vocabulary index pages.

Can you put the inconsistency back lol? Before I could see the number of vocab remaining in a level, now I have to open a lesson session, find the total vocab words unlocked and then subtract the unlocked vocab in the next level which is also available and all this is quite annoying.

I think it’s much more useful to see the number of vocab/kanji learned than as opposed to unlocked ones :confused:

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@seanblue possible extension to your lesson hover detail script? Breakdown by level?

Yeah, when we updated the item pages to be accessible to the public, we made the level page progress bar act like the item index page progress bar — they reported different numbers before. Sooo, that’d be a week ago for the update.

Mmmm, not for now. We want the progress bar to mean the same thing on both sets of pages, and “active” in the legend meaning “unlocked” is clearer when you contrast it to the “locked” right next to it.

Like I said, those progress bars and definitions aren’t clear and we’re talking about ways to make them better all around. We’ll definitely hear you and share the desire to have all kinds of “where are things at?” on those pages along with counts.

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Right now the tooltip is very simple and compact. Breakdown by level could make it much larger, especially for uncommon cases or reorder abusers. It’s also a bit hard to test lesson scripts since I’m level 60 (and I’m on vacation mode right now too).

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I get it. I don’t think it’s really needed anyway

With that said, anyone is welcome to take any of my code and modify it for their own purposes.

Ok, it’s a minor issue so even if you don’t ever fix it i’m not gonna complain but it’s just a little annoying.

I would love to see the exact progress on a level at a glance. I understand the concept of leveling up before you are finished with the current level, but getting a crap load of new words in the next level and not knowing where I am in the previous level just overwhelms me. I need to see myself chipping away at a level, otherwise the overwhelming feeling actually discourages me from coming to wanikani. This is probably why I have been stuck on level 22 for 6 months.


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