Some vocabulary not being shown in lessons

I was going through the list of things in level 1 a few days ago and noticed i wasn’t shown the vocabulary words 九 and 九つ. Am on level 2 and havent gotten these words in lessons. Anyone know why this is?

This is normal if you’ve recently leveled up. Don’t worry, you will get all your level 1 lessons before your level 2 lessons start.

I already started level 2.

You’ve already done lessons from level 2? Or have you just reached level 2 and not done any lessons yet?

It is because you haven’t Guru’d the Kanji 九 yet.
You unlock a vocabulary of a specific level only if you made the Kanji it consists of to Guru level.



@DestinyShark it’s helpful to check out the knowledge base early on to get a good grasp of how WK works. It will help you plan how and when you review/do lessons.

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I gave this a good ol’ double check to rule out any durtle bugs and @ekg and @marciska are 100% correct. You need to get 九 correct one more time. You’ve got this!

-Nick at WK


Got it! Thank you everyone!

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