New Lesson not unlocking (help?)

I just leveled up to level 15, and i got a lesson batch of 25, but there were only 3 kanji in the batch… has this ever happened to you? I usually get 10-15 kanji upon leveling up, which is why I ask.

It basically happens from level 15 onwards, as the amount of radicals you need every level drops signifcantly past level 14. Heck, level 26 and 46 onwards don’t even need you to do the radicals to pass the levels. Both periods have more than 90% of the kanji unlocked right at the beginning.

He’s talking about Kanji, I believe. @akitak9821, please confirm if you’re talking about Kanji and not radicals :slight_smile:

There was a bug posted in another thread. You may have just hit this, and it should be dealt with soon.

Man, this is like the fifth time this week I’ve misread/misinterpreted something on the forums. I blame Thanksgiving and exams. :expressionless:

Anyways, if you are talking about kanji not unlocking properly, I already made a post about that in the bugs section. The team responded and should be changing that soon.

Edit: here’s the exact post:


Aaaaaaaaand, it’s fixed :slight_smile:.

By the way, my queue just fixed. If you have any further problems, contact @viet and crew and they might be able to help you.

Should be fixed for everyone in the next 15 minutes or so.

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yes i was talking about kanji

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I still only have only three kanji unlocked for this level.

I also got about 30 vocabulary unlocks today. about 8 of which were from this level and the other’s being from finishing up the previous level which i consider normal

You should be good to go now. Sorry about that.


No worries. Thank you!

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