Level 21 before 2021!



It’s really sad because my son actually has athletic prowess. He’s pretty strong and decently coordinated, and big for his age. If it wasn’t for his heart he might have the innate talent to go pro. Today he was throwing a toy football and snapping the shit out of it. Hes just over two!! I pray that science pulls through and gives him like a 3d printed heart out of stem cells. He loves to move and be active.


Congrats on your new job Zeus san :smiley: I wish you the best for your new chapter :love_you_gesture: I admire your perseverance to stick with WK through major changes in your personal life. :100: Happy leveling :sunglasses:

Ippo…Ippo…Ippo. Take one step, do one review a day until you feel better. It is human to have off days. Hope you feel better soon Abbas san :slight_smile:

Congratulations Gemma san :partying_face: Welcome to the Painful levels. We are glad you are durtling with us :innocent: Cheers.

I am glad you are looking at alternatives to improve tank san. They are double edged swords.So, please be careful while using them. If you do decide to use them, may I offer an unsolicited suggestion? Please conduct a retrospective for every 3 levels just to make sure you are using it right. Despite good intentions, there are one too many stories of abusing the script unintentionally before WK became overwhelming. I am not trying to scare you, this is more of a reminder to keep in the back of your head. (As always, feel free to ignore my suggestion if it doesn’t fit you :slight_smile: . In the end, only you know what works best for you.)

Congratulations and Welcome to the “Millennium Enlightened” Club Xae san :raised_hands:

It goes to show how awesome you are Xae san :star_struck: It is a testament to your hard work and patience :slightly_smiling_face: 君は最高です :love_you_gesture:

I wish your son good health. Yeah, hopefully science will make a qualitative leap soon and come up with a solid solution. :crossed_fingers:


Today is a special day for me on many levels :slightly_smiling_face: It also marks my 200th day with Crabigator :partying_face:

In Feb 2020, I was looking at 5-10 alternatives to learn Kanji. I stumbled upon WaniKani’s introductory article and was impressed with it. Either way I have three levels to try for free before I pay, so I decide to give it a shot. The first month and half was a wanderer phase for me. I would log in once or two a day do some reviews and I didn’t even log into the forum. I started logging into the forum in April and didn’t make a single post. And then I had my fateful encounter.

I stumbled upon this Level 21 before 2021 thread. And everything changed. I found a wonderful and uplifting community. I started posting and learning with others (80% of my first hundred posts are exclusively in this thread). I enjoyed the camaraderie. I was encouraged by the kindness, perseverance and the gentle strength shown by the members of this thread. I can’t thank @Marifly enough for creating and guiding this thread. You, my friend, are a BONA FIDE ROCKSTAR :star2:

Everyone on this thread has added cheer and color to my life. Working together with everyone and moving forward has been a fulfilling experience. I am thankful for this experience of a lifetime.

Thanks for everything 皆さんありがとうございます You have my heartfelt gratitude 感謝します :pray: Looking forward to be in your care これからもよろしくお願いします :smile:


Thank you so much for being here! Looking forward to seeing you on level 21 soon, and then in the level 60 thread!


Thank you for the lil boost Jiro :sob::sob: It really means a lot, seriously.


And Happy Anniversary!! :partying_face::partying_face:


Dude this is huge! It looks as though the move’s gone smoothly. I’m happy for you my man


Yes, thank you, all went well. I should maybe specify a little bit, because when I said “moved” that wasn’t exactly true, just shorter to write. I started a volunteer year in another country, so I certainly moved myself but not my whole apartment. In that sense I didn’t have much trouble but the new work certainly kept me busy enough.


Congrats! I was just checking my numbers to compare (because you are one level above) and now I’m scared!

You have 2076 items total, and I 1667… so there’s about 400 lessons for me to tackle this 2 levels?
Officially afraid but excited XD

@monkeyshine89 I hope science advances enough to allow your child to be as active as he wants to be! :raised_hands:t4:

@KyokaJiro congratulations! :confetti_ball: I hope you have another 200 great days here on WK! I also always look forward to your kind words here on this thread! So supportive! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

@Abbas099 you can do it! the :goal_net: is right there! But also make sure not to burn out

@Marifly you are also so so so close! :sparkles:

@Aikibujin congratulations on your level up! Also super close now! So exciting :confetti_ball:

@tankwidow those scripts are incredible! I love being able to reorder things and study them the way I want without disrupting the WaniKani system. I hope you find your groove as well! :muscle:t4:

@zEUs_Japanese Congrats on your move! Moving apartments is always supper stressful and messy, but in your case, you moved countries! that’s even more complicated sometimes. Hope you enjoy your new work :sparkles:

I’m mostly lurking the forums lately but I’m knocking away at my reviews and lessons everyday, hoping we all reach our goals!


Had to do a few days of 30 daily lessons to catch up but here we are. If I level up tomorrow I’ll have spent 8 days on level 19. Which is not bad for a few days of late reviews and a entire day of missed lessons. Hopefully by starting level 20 with a clean slate I’ll be able to get back to 7 days.

I really need to clean out leeches. My guru pile is getting quite close to 600. I really need to spend time drilling leeches. I wish there was a “review hospital” that could take leeches out of the main reviews and have a separate srs system to add them back into the main review que. That way leeches don’t bog people down to the point where they get overwhelmed and it allows for more practice.


Thank you, thank you, KyokaJiro-san. Congrats, too, on all you have achieved :partying_face:

Everyone on here is so supportive. Even if I don’t come here and post very often, I see everyone celebrating everyone’s wins and it’s always a massive boost :smile:

@monkeyshine89 I am cheering for science for you and your boy :sunflower:

@PamuPanda Ah, don’t be scared. Stick to the excited part. We all move at our own paces. I’m sure you’ll get to 2k soon enough. (BTW, in case you’re actually Lvl 11, as I see in your icon, I am actually Lvl 13, contrary to what my icon says.)


Level 14 now! Can anyone walk me through editing the leaderboard? Trying things out with little prep isn’t something that usually goes well for me, and I don’t want to mess up other people’s data by accident.


Im level 11 with only 20 lessons not taken as of now, will unlock more in a bit when I do my next reviews and second batch of kanji unlock.
So yeah, it’s 2 complete levels and some… add to 400 items.
It’s insane how much we can learn per level! :rofl:


Sure! Click the Edit button at the bottom of the leaderboard post
Go into the list somewhere around your own level
Mark someone else’s line and copy it
Hit return and make an empty line
Paste the line from someone else that you just copied
Edit the line you just pasted and put in your own info
Click save


If you want it to update, log out of WaniKani (the main site, and also the commons if you don’t get logged out automatically). Then log in to the main site and then log in to the commons. That should update your icon.

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I reached level 10 today! Finally, double digits. If I keep focused and hold my pace I could actually reach level 21 before 2021. But it might be a bit tight :smiley: Seeing all of you going onward and forward motivates me a lot. がんばって!


Yay! Congrats!

There are 105 days left in the year, so it’s still possible! And even if you “only” reach level 15, you’ll still have learned a lot. がんばって!


I hope it will come soon! And wish for your son health, keep active & happy :muscle:

Wooow, congratulations :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: 頑張って~
Keep pushing forward towards beyond and infinity ~

I’ve just realized that mine is similar (596 Guru) LOL. 消しましょう the leeches!

Congratulations :smile_cat: last level on pleasant, soon you’ll learn how to endure pain (will make you stronger tho) :laughing:


Thanks :smiley: I am already a little afraid of the pain. Some of you mentioned that especially level 14 is hard. I try to stay calm, pray to the crabigator, do my reviews and hope to get strong enough to endure all pain. And mostl importantly I enjoy all the new weird stuff… geoduck? For real?