Let‘s set our goals for the end of year 2018

Hello dear disciples of the Crabigator!

The year 2017 is meeting its end and we have the nice Let‘s set our goal for year end 2017 where people can muse about how they did or did not achieve this year‘s goals.

Let‘s make a thread with our new Wanikani goals for 2018!
Feel free to include anything else you want to achieve during next year.

For reference:

The statistics site (also by @rfindley, thank you!) also helps you to estimate where you will probably be at in about a year (plus lots of other nice features).


So, according to the stats site, I will hit level 38 on 3 January 2019 (fastest speed is March 2018 hurr hurr hurr). So, to include a bit of a challenge, I will set my goal to 40. I am not sure if I can achieve that, probably not, but I will try.
So, my goals are:

  • reach level 40 (edit: I will be happy with 35)
  • review Genki 1
  • start Genki 2
  • finish Genki 2

Let‘s see how that goes!

Edit: I messed it up a bit. When I do not ignore those slow levels (:see_no_evil:), the site puts me at level 34. So 35 will be an achievable goal I think. Let‘s keep 40 though, maybe I‘ll manage somehow.


As this year was a disaster in terms of progress, I’ll just try to aim for level 50. Plenty of challenge in that!
If I’d level up every 12th day, I could get to level 60 in 360 days, but… I feel like that’s not going to happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Oh, and adding my other goals, of course!

• Read at least one book in Japanese. Completely. (Something harder than the レベル別日本語多読ライブラリー level 4 ones)
• Write some 作文 just to get practice.
• Get into that 敬語! <- heavy importance alert!
• If I fail this year’s N2, aim to pass N2
• Get through at least one of the books on Japanese language you’ve bought… :joy:


This is a nice idea

  • try to hit level 40
  • be able to read elementary books with fluency
  • express thoughts in fully formed sentences
  • N4 (N3?)

Long time forum stalker, first time poster! Huzzah!

  • Get to WK level 35 (N3 95%) (currently level 9 - at 10 days per level, I should hit that target by October 30 2018, but giving myself some leeway)
  • Finish Genki 1
  • Start and finish Genki 2
  • Work through Bunpro (finish all N5 to N3 material)
  • Take N3 in Winter 2018 (unlikely that I’ll pass, but I’ll try my best!)
  • Read three books in Japanese
  • Be able to write 90% of (if not all) 小学校 kanji.

Seems like a lot, but I think it’s do-able.


Oh god, I have a list of 23 goals and they’re all like… aiming to the sky. Like… They’re so insane I’m actually embarrassed of posting them in here :man_facepalming:


Nice thread!

Weeeell, the statistics site puts me at level 60 by December 2018, but I think (a) it lacks a few data points yet (b) I won’t be able to focus as much on WK during the rest of the year as I am know.
But let’s go with level 40, then.

Other than that, not sure about a good goal to set.
One book per month, possibly downgraded to every two months if need be.

Let’s do it :star_struck:


Don’t disappoint us, future me!!

  • Be in the level 40s (50s if I feel like beingすごい)
  • Take up N2 in December 2018
  • Read at least one Japanese book/novel that isn’t for 10 year olds or manga. At least 16 years old+ (would love recommendations)
  • Boost my listening comprehension the hell up
  • Complete another long japanese game and understand most of it like Persona 5
  • Grow some really nice tomatoes

If I can’t accomplish 3 out of 6, I can’t eat tomatoes for a year!! uh week? okay fine 6 months!!


I’m loving your tomato goal after that string of goals for the Japanese language :smiley:


Maybe writing it down will make pe stick to it:

  • get to WK level 20
  • pass my Japanese class in June (and register for next level)
  • take JLPT N4 on December
  • finish Pokemon Ruby in Japanese
  • review Genki 1 + 2

It’s the dream.

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You‘ve made me curious!


Hmmm let’s see

  • Get to Level 60 by June
  • Finish Tae Kim
  • Get back on the Core 10k Anki deck and finish it
  • Start a Journal in Japanese
  • JLPT on December either N2 or N3 if I don’t make it (can we have the results now… please?!)
  1. Get to level 45 (ideally I want to get to 50, but as long as I at least get to 45, I’ll be happy!).
  2. Finish Bunpro (at least up to the N1 material).
  3. Be able to be comfortably listen to conversational Japanese (around 60% comprehension).
  4. Finish reading Kiki’s delivery service (first I need to get through the remaining よつばと! books I own).
  5. Be comfortable writing out up to the level 20 kanji from memory.
  6. Talk more! And lastly…

And for some general goals:

  1. Consistently wake up at 7am (this one is a bit of a stretch to be honest, I’ve been trying for years now).
  2. Get into a better studying routine for studying for my degree.
  3. Form a better relationship with my tutor (he’s going to be writing a reference for my JET application after all…).
  4. Improve my Swedish listening comprehension (ideally at least 80% comprehension).
  5. Finish up Norwegian on Duolingo and Korean on LingoDeer so I can focus on Japanese and Swedish.
  6. Get comfortable drawing without copying references exactly.
  7. Smile more!

I honestly can’t believe that I’ll be applying for the JET program in about 9 or so months. I just hope I can wow them with my application and (if I make it that far) at the interview. Compared to previous years, I’m learning so much more Japanese and I’m so excited to see where I’ll be this time next year!


PFFFFFTT I fail so much at grammar that this seems as realistic as shooting down the moon with a rubber ball. But here goes, anyway:

  • Get to Level 35-40?
  • Finish TaeKim’s Guide & as much Genki/BunPro as possible.
  • Be able to play some ゲ-ム and watch anime/movies with JP subtitles -without any subtitle? Too risque for me-. Read my entire Aria collection.
  • Remembering the radicals better -> being able to write any of the <20 level kanji.
  • Write at least one practice sentence a day. Ambitious edition: be able to write a journal in Japanese.
  • In sort, be able to read and speak the language without being mistaken for a five year old*.

*that has never happened, but I wouldn’t want to risk it.

  1. Finish fixing up and furnishing old bedroom so I’ve got somewhere quiet to study that has a desk and a CD & cassette player (yes, you read that right!)
  2. Get to level 40 by end of year, level 35 in plenty of time for JLPT
  3. Crack on with grammar, writing, listening, etc. with some of the resources I already own (all my books, etc.), plus some new ones I’ve just ordered.
  4. Pass JLPT N3
  5. Apply for Master of Education (Secondary) - LOTE (languages other than English) specialisation programme which WILL (fingers crossed) finally be available at my local regional campus

I wanna help!

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Me, too - c’mon, share with us, please.


2018 hasn’t even started and I’ve already checked off one of the things on my list!