Level 21 before 2021!

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 8.45.43 AM

@Yuuzuu I used the Level Progress Detail Script

It’s honestly my most necessary user script besides the ultimate timeline. I am never blind sided by the unlocking of any item. Because vocab is always unlocked at the end of a level it includes a bar for the last levels vocab, so you can make sure you aren’t falling behind. I have been regularly leveling up on Saturday morning for the time being.

So my schedule is:
Saturday Learn Level 6 Radicals
Sunday Learn 6 Kanji Part One
Monday Learn Level 5 Vocab
Tuesday Learn Level 5 Vocab
Wednesday Learn Level 6 Kanji Part 2
Thursday Learn Level 5 Vocab
Friday Finish Level 5 Vocab, Learn some Level 6 Vocab
Saturday Level 6 Vocab.
Sunday Level Up, Repeat.

I can always see how much is still locked, how much is apprentice, how much is guru. Because I know I have radicals at apprentice 4, I know that more kanji will be unlocked tomorrow. I always make sure that I will be able to complete the last levels vocab before leveling up. I can do this by hovering over the gray of level 5 vocab and dividing it by 25. I can see with my schedule I will finish it of Friday, and be ready to level up to 7.

It works great for me, and I’m sure with this user script you could find something that will work for you!