Level 21 before 2021!

They really upped the number of lessons on level 14 as @zEUs_Japanese pointed out to me. But I feel as though the Kanji in level 15 are nicer? I don’t know how to explain it, they just stick easier and hopefully you’ll be able to relate when you get that glorious level up. Till then, just take your time :smile: Slow and steady wins the race (although it’s not rly a race but you catch my drift haha)


My productivity tanked after shelter-in-place started. Finally managed to level up one more time!


I hope so :smiley: I am already 18 days on this level and still have 11 kanji that are missing. I feel like my accuracy is really bad for these kanji for any reason


I’m having some trouble filling in the “Speed” portion of the forecast excel sheet. How do I determine my current speed? Thank you!

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You could use wkstats, it calculates your average speed. https://www.wkstats.com/#progress

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Do it quickly though, that link will be unusable after September 1st.


Use this link after September 1st. This is the new one, unfortunately the projection section is still under construction.

I find that the Heat map is also AMAZING!
You’re only level 5, so you really only have three levels to worry about, because level 1 and 2 are “quick” levels. If you load the heat map and count the days to level 3 and to level 4, you will know around how long it takes you to level up on average. (Divide by 2 lol)

This is my guide of a simple schedule to consistently get seven day levels. You could easily make it 8 or 9 day levels. I think once you understand how levels work it will allow you to choose the length you want the levels to be instead of being at the mercy of some system.


Hmmm, have you got the Wanikani app? It’s called Flaming Durtles on the Play store (probably on the iPhone app store too but I’m not 100% on that). You could use it to consolidate your learning to increase your accuracy.

I usually do it the other way 'round, meaning I look into the next level and start to learn a few Kanji in advance just so my brain has an easier time of remembering them. Honestly, I think that’s the only reason why I made it through level 14 :face_with_head_bandage:


I still need to remember to put this into action, it is so so smart. It’s so smart it seems obvious after you say it, but I would never think of it.

Today is Kanji learning day, and trying out bunpro day.


It’s not the Wanikani app, as there is no official app. FD is third party.

Actually it’s not, but there is another third part app called Tsurukame

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My bad :sweat_smile: I knew it wasn’t the actual app for it but that kinda slipped my mind


Good on ya. Also, living in Osaka. Keep on keeping on. 毎日学び続けてね? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am on iPhone, I use the app Tsukurame. It has the same feature to consolidate the learning as you can view the Kanji you just learnt. Well, I don’t know for some Kanji that just don’t stick in my mind even though I look at them a lot. I guess if I have more time, I will try to write them a bunch of times to remember them better. It might also be that my brain is currently not in the mood for keeping Kanji as I was focussing a lot on my exams recently which meant a lot of memorizing of other stuff so it might be that it prioritized the Kanji memorization less :sweat_smile:
I also felt like that when I was studying for university half of the day already and then doing Wanikani in the evening that I could not concentrate as well. I still did my reviews every day to not fall behind and I did not add any new lessons but still the new Kanji would not stick. At least, I got rid of almost all of my leeches from previous levels as I only have 55 Apprentice items right now totally. 45 of them are from this level and the rest from level 13.

Next week, I am done with the semester and got my last university presentation, so I hope that my accuracy gets better then again.


Definitely a ton easier after exams, I’m a bit of an idiot because I decided to start learning a few weeks before exams came round (as if I didn’t have enough on my plate to worry about lol). Anyway, once you finish up the presentation I’m sure your brain will be more receptive of Japanese since it’s not being torn between uni and Kanji in terms of brain power


Guys I did it! I got to 0/0 for the first time since I stopped using reorder. I’m so happy right now!


This is so useful! Thank you!

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Congrats! Reaching 0/0 does feel good!


Nice one! Has that satisfying feeling made you want to attain 0/0 for each subsequent level?


Hit level 7 in only 8 days, my fastest yet! …And then didn’t do any reviews or lessons at all yesterday :sob: But I’m on it again now lol, I need to do something about my 250 vocab lessons too…


Hello, level 13!
/pats new level/

Spent a little over 10 days on level 12, but this speed is a lot more comfortable for me. This way, I have a bit more time to work on other aspects of the language (looking at you, grammar).


Well done!!:partying_face::partying_face: This is actually huge!