Level 19 and just burned my first set of Radicals

The title says it all, I was doing my usual reviews and hit some very dusty radicals I could barely remember. It was so exciting seeing that ‘burn’ pop up after them. I think going forward I’m more worried about getting radicals wrong at this point than kanji, since radicals are just there to help get to the meaning of words. If I enlightened a radical, chances are I’m already using it in a tonne of different kanji and don’t actually need to remember the radical on its own anymore. Plus the idea of having to wait several more months to have another go at burning a radical seems tiring to me. What level did you guys start burning items? Anything I should watch out for to help with my ongoing burns?


Congrats! I cant answer any of your questions, but I still wanted to congratulate you! :tada:


Honestly if it’s burned that means even if you didn’t know it well, your instinct took you in the right direction. When you get new kanji it’ll show up, and new kanji show up in new words. So it doesn’t mean its gone. And on that note, a burned vocab word just means that the next review will be in a book or something.
I recently hit more burned than active, and for a lot of them I wasn’t confident either. But if I see the word in context it usually makes sense. Keep it up!


I think it’s best to go into a burn reviews like any other review: you’ll fail some items, but that’s just part of the process.

And while radicals aren’t that important once they’re enlightened, and it might seem irritating to have to burn them months later - well, there will likely not be very many that you don’t burn on your first attempt anyway. So, you can just ignore the failed ones. If it happens it happens.

It’s more important to focus on learning those kanji and vocab, imo.

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