Started too soon?

I started my WaniKani journey within a few months of starting to learn the language. The years ago.

At the beginning of this year I noticed that early kanji would come up in my lessons/reading and I would be shocked that I had apparently burned then some time ok🤦‍♀️

I considered resetting (couldn’t bear to) so have been going through the early levels and trying to pick out common kanji/vocab that I might actually meet at my beginners level of reading/speaking.

Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t.

Any other strategies to suggest? Should I just bite the bullet and reset?

Angela, Apparently on level 30 haha


You can just unburn the specific items that you encounter but don’t actually remember.
On the bottom of the items page should be a resurrect button to do just that.

That would be better than resetting whole levels if it’s just the odd item here or there that you have forgotten.


Yes, that is what I’m doing, picking out vocab representing the different readings

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Even if you burn items, you’re going to forget them unless you encounter them regularly while reading. I wouldn’t worry too much about it; it’s perfectly normal. Having to check a burned item you probably won’t forget it anytime soon.


I wouldn’t reset if I were you, but you have lifetime, so that makes it more reasonable. But, more focused studying of items you feel uncertain about, seems more doable and efficient than resetting and redoing everything.

You might wanna use the burn-manager script to unburn items you wanna put back into your normal review queue (for a while). After you’ve done some reviewing of them, you can then re-burn them and move back to your current lessons instead.

I’ve started doing that for kanji in the Hell-levels as I felt myself slipping. It’s a good way of doing focused studying (also by using the latest mistakes study feature on the Dashboard) for some intense-cramming. Once I feel I’m done, I reburn them and so don’t have to deal with a huge addition of items long-term, unless you want to. It’s a good middle-ground I feel. :slight_smile:

But, I’m going to second what @morteASD is saying. I think it’s perfectly normal to forget over time. I have certainly not “finished” learning all items on WK. What makes items stick for me is seeing/hearing them in the wild. Especially leeches are like that. Once I’ve found a clear example of use, suddenly it’s like a finally “get it”. I just need a stronger connection to the item.


If you don’t want to reset (and I understand why you might not want to), maybe use [Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector to have a better view for going back and looking at old vocab?

EDIT: adds a nice view on the dashboard of your leeches:

Or using the built-in filter at the top of the dashboard:

(if you’re already using that, my apologies)

How do you feel you’re doing on remembering kanji vs. vocab? Is it mostly vocab you don’t remember but you feel like you know the kanji? Or about even?

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Oh, yeah, forgetting early kanji is extremely normal. It happens to me almost every day!

You can reset if you want, but I doubt you need to. You’ll probably see vestiges of most of those items again in the future levels. I’d recommend continuing with any non-WaniKani Japanese practice that you’re doing and look up those words when you need to. If they’re burned, you might just need one little reminder or push to reignite the memory.

EDIT: I often handwrite forgotten words or kanji ten times, just to strengthen the memory. Even that is probably more than you need to do. I like it though because handwriting helps me tell the kanji apart.


Isn’t there a way to quiz yourself on your burned items? Does it tell you which ones you got wrong?

Yes and yes. There is a button right on your dashboard (this should help the OP as well):

(I’ve not been using the feature though, so it is currently just a pile of all my burned items.)

I think it works like normal reviews: you have to answer both parts of kanji/vocabulary correctly. If you answer incorrectly, you’ll see it come up periodically during the review “session”. I believe it still keeps no more than 10 items outstanding (it won’t show a new item until you answer all parts of at least one item correctly). The Wanikani folks assured us that once you’ve answered all of the burned items correctly, it loops back and lets you continue working through them.

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