A burning question

Disclaimer: I don’t really want to complain because this helps me whittling down my backlog of currently about 1850 reviews.
But …
I had a break of nearly two years (Wanikani only. Not totally doing nothing concerning Japanese). So some of the reviews I still get right. And then most of the time they burn.
Isn’t that somewhat funny? Not all of them should be just one step from burning?
I prioritize reading ATM. So I order by levels and start with meaning. If I get it right I show the item info to get the reading right. And then the vocab burns! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Like after this long the vocabs got impatient for burning. Thinking: If he still remembers me after two years then just burn! :rofl:


Actually, the majority should be one step away from burning. Here are my current percentages:

I’m slow, which means I have a lot more burns that other people might have at my level. Even still, more than 50% of the unburned items are sitting in the enlightened bin, just one answer away from burning. If you did a relatively fast run to 60, then it’s probably a higher percentage in your enlightened queue.

Congratulations on using the process effectively!

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You’re prioritizing reading, so you start with meaning, then don’t try to remember the reading?

I also learned kun and on during my first kanji phase. Now I look the readings up if I don’t know them, which is most of the time (yet). Nevertheless I try to memorize the vocab readings again. Albeit with lower priority.

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