Level 15! 25% of the way there!

I’m happy. I’m also about to also hit 6 months of doing this, so I figure it’ll be a full 2 years by the time I’m finished with Kanji. Longer than I originally thought, but I doubt I’m alone in that :wink:


way to go! have a 6 month celebration cake

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you’re going much faster than me, i love WK sooo much i reset from level 12 and am doing it all over again


Congratulations but remember lvl 60 is just a stepping stone. It is quite an achievement to make but means nothing if you aren’t working on other aspects of Japanese. You should be now working towards reading native materials. It might be hard and very tiring but that is a wall we all must get passed.

Well done and best of luck

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Hooray! We’re level 15 brothers!

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