Level 15,overall progress so far

Hi everyone,

I just realized that I reached level 15 the other day. Which means I’m a quarter of the way through. I’ve noticed that my recognition is getting a little bit better . The the kanji for tomorrow and moring sun look very similar and I initially couldn’t tell the difference between them, but now i can! I’m even starting to recognize the radicals that make up the different kanji.

I was wondering what milestone or progress other people have made recently?


Hey there, congrats on your WK progress! Yep, also reviewing older subjects that you recognize feels great, what feels terrible is forgetting some of the trickier vocabs tho!

Personally, I have made my first level up after a 6 months break, so that’s already an achievement for me!

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Hi There,
Thanks, i completely agree with you about the vocabulary LOL!


Keep it up! そのちょうし!

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