Finally level 60! 遂に六十レベル

After just 400 days since starting WK I finally reached level 60!


Screenshot from 2022-04-24 14-11-28

Screenshot from 2022-04-24 14-12-07

A tool I made

This was made just a few days before I leapt onto WK and I used it to reinforce hiragana and katakana. Recently I even added support for kanji and hopefully soon I’ll finish writing the error reporting update (it says where you made a mistake).
Here’s the link for who may be interested in the project.

After such a long time I can now spend more time on immersion (in fact I’m going to start reading my first ever light novel in Japanese after writing this post).
I want to thank @leonardo-jp, for he created such an awesome small-ish group where we could share our experiences, joy with the cabrigator and much more. @karakuja @DiSiZ @era1 @Abigael @Ruchian @Sivert_ivert @TurtleOnExchange thank you, too. (I hope to have tagged everyone)
And at last, I want to thank the community which is invaluable; thanks to you all I learnt so much and discovered new tools/websites/channels/etc.



Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:


達成おめでとう :love_letter: :crabigator:

Enjoy the level 60 cake because you worked hard for it and you really deserved it after the long climb.

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Grats! Those accuracy numbers make me depressed when I look at mine :smiley: Enjoy the well deserved cake!

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those stats are insaaaaane :flushed: congrats!

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Thanks to you all!

@era1 that cake seems delicious :yum:.
I’ll for sure make a cake but I don’t know when I’ll do it

Congratulations!!! :tada::tada::tada:

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Congratulations on making it to 60! That’s some impressive speed and accuracy!

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There is no way those stats are correct, did you abuse the correct-button?

Those stats are correct, they even got worse in the last 20 levels (before I had kanji at about 98.5%)

That is crazy if true, how long did you spend on WK every day?

About 1 hour per day (3 review sessions + lessons)