Let's Defeat the Dark Hour! 🌕 (Level 30 Before 2.2.2024)

Persona 3, the beloved first entry* in the Persona franchise, is receiving a spectacular reboot in the form of Persona 3 Reload (P3R). Whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan, let’s aim to enjoy this upcoming experience in Japanese!

This thread is inspired by the Tokyo Skytree thread.

DEADLINE: 02 February 2024, 00:00 JST


Why Level 30?

Browsing Natively, this appears to be around the level where you’re prepared to face the difficulty of a lot of available manga, anime and novels. While this can fluctuate depending on the genre of the material, your level of grammar, and other factors, Level 30 seems to be a good focal point whether you’re diving into consuming media for the first time or looking to graduate from easier material.

What if I can't reach Level 30 in time?

That’s okay—I can’t either! (hehe… really, I calculated) Whether your level is too low or you prefer to go at your own pace, the ultimate goal is to reach a point where you can try to experience Persona 3 Reload without the difficulty exceeding the reasonable limits of your ability.

I'm not interested in P3R. / I don't have a system that can run P3R.

If you’d still like to participate, you can substitute P3R for any other upcoming (or past) media you’re excited to experience. Make sure to pick something that really gets you excited to study Japanese, and always keep your personal goals in mind. Honestly, the P3R theming is to give me an excuse to talk about it as new information comes out.

By the way…

Which Persona 3 protagonist do you prefer?
  • Yuki Makoto
  • Shiomi Kotone
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Adding to Leaderboard

Click the edit button, then add your information under the team you want to support.

Team Kotone vs. Team Makoto**

Team Kotone
You aim to reach Level 30 before the deadline. Seek out people of similar speeds and levels to motivate you further.

Team Makoto
You want to go at your own pace. Be sure to come back to update your progress over time!

* The numbering suggests it’s the third entry, but researchers have been unable to uncover Persona 1 or 2. A popular theory is that the first two entries were lost to time due to the limited number of primary colors available to represent the entries.
** Of course, feel free to support the protagonist you prefer regardless of team distinction!



A Team Kotone :sparkles: C D E
Username Date Joined (dd.mm.yyyy) Speed Starting Level Current Level
:full_moon: (Lv 21-30) Harabah - Adamah
MQM 02.10.2023 ~3 weeks 23 29
ObnoxiousPenguin 09.10.2023 N/A 21 30
ThatOddHaystack 11.14.2023 ~11 days 26 27
:waning_gibbous_moon: (Lv 11-20) Yabbashah - Tziah
helloorange 11.23.2023 n/a 15 15
:waning_crescent_moon: (Lv 01-10) Thebel - Arqa
yuetu 01.10.2023 N/A 3 8
:new_moon: (Lv 31-60) Monad Depths
amagi 01.10.2023 5 Days 40 56
A Team Makoto :crescent_moon: C D E
Username Date Joined (dd.mm.yyyy) Speed Starting Level Current Level
finnra 02.10.2023 N/A 13 18
sortasamm 05.10.2023 N/A 1 11
Skip Etchells 08.11.2023 N/A 21 21

I will get to LV30.


Done, but excited for the game! I like getting to play a persona game and romance the men.

oops didn’t need to reply to you haha.


glad to have akihiko back :grin:


You know what, I don’t know anything about Persona, and I’m going to be aiming for level 20 before 02.02.24, but I still this feels like a nice thread so… Count me in?


So it’s 123 days from today… Don’t think I’ll be lvl 30 by then, maybe 20-25 if I’m consistent (which I never really have been…), but I’ll try get as high as I can and just go for it! Never played a Persona game, but they look cool and playing in Japanese would be awesome and helpful for learning :stuck_out_tongue:


I just have a small question. Why 2/2/2024 and not 2/4/2024?

Edit: Never mind. I read the OP properly.

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This actually could work with my current pace if I don’t slow down, although it will be quite close.

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In other “race” threads. There will be a leader board that you climb. I think it would be fun to “climb” the tartarus.

This particular tartarus could have 30 or 60 levels. Levels = Floors.

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ooo, that’s a good idea! that also gave me an idea to expand participation to those above lv 30, though it’s unfortunately a spoiler :joy: i’ll think on it a bit

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Ooh yay! I’ve never watched Persona 3, but I have been wanting to get back into WaniKani. I just did a reset today because my backlog was too big, and I’ve forgotten too much, so maybe keeping track of my progress in this thread will help. Doubt I’ll get to 30 by the deadline, but I’m excited regardless.


After joining this thread I have understood that Persona 3 is probably a video game, type RPG. 30 is probably impossible in the given timeframe. Level 20 will give you approximately 6 days per level which I think might be nearly doable, but a reasonable person would probably aim for and be delighted to reach 15 from 1 before the given date.

Welcome to team Makoto. Let’s give it our best! (All the while not knowing who our protagonist is).


Oh that makes a lot more sense lol

Maybe my goal then can be to be ready to try playing one of the Xenoblade games in Japanese by then — I love those games and I’m fairly comfortable with navigating them without words, but it’d be cool to experience them in Japanese.


i should probably explain what the persona series is in more detail :joy:


Guys, always remember to level up a bit before the next full moon :eyes:


At least we’ll have until the 28th of October, then. :new_moon_with_face:

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I will join! But since I am past 30 I will try to get Level 60 by 2.2.2024!

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welcome to the monad depths! …which i will explain when i finish my writeup :joy:

Just to be clear: if you’re level 10 or lower, it’s not technically feasible to reach level 30 by February. I prefer to point it out right now so that people don’t set unattainable objectives.

If you’re in the low 10s you basically have to speedrun to get there in time.

Also while it’s true that level 30 will probably give you ~90% kanji coverage for these types of games, keep in mind that it’s not the full picture, you’ll still have to look up unknown kanji and vocab as the time, and you’ll need to know the grammar as well.

I’m not trying to discourage anybody, I actually started paying through games seriously at around level 25 and it provided (and keeps providing) a lot of very valuable practice, I just want to set reasonable expectations.