Level 30+ Folk, Where You At?

It was a long and painful death, but I’ve finally made it. Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the weather:

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Oddly enough, the 30’s have felt easier than the 20’s for me, so far. I think some of the 20’s may’ve had vocabulary that refused to stick, either because there were a ton with similar meanings or because the kanji did not help in conveying the meaning. Either way, I’m liking the 30’s so far, and am cautiously optimistic about what lies ahead.



I felt level 30 was when I really started having an easier time reading manga. Try it out.

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yeah, I noticed there was a lot of nuance in the vocab in the 20 levels that were hard to pin down, I think because in english they reflect usage patterns more than shades of meaning (e.g.: the difference between saying somebody was “charged” vs “indicted” or “accused” vs. “alleged”). Here’s hoping 30s are easier!

I got a copy of the first two volumes of Crayon Shin-chan in the mail as a present from a friend of mine about a week back, so thanks, I totally will!


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頑張って successful.

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I’m back after a year and some of life getting in the way! Gonna get that lvl 36 soon :slight_smile:

Oh wow I’m just seeing this. Welp I better say a hype inducing phrase…


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