Level 30! Here's Your Pancake!

I know it’s tradition to do the Level 60 post and everyone celebrates your story ‘making it’. I love those and I think they are great motivators.

I think the Level 30 should be a post, too, but rather than a sheer celebration of accomplishment it can stand as a flag pole to show where you’ve gone in the first half and hone in on where you need to get to for the second half. I love learning from others’ experiences so maybe this is just for me. Feel free to drop your mark when you hit 30!

Here’s my two cents for hitting the half-way point:

Man, I am soooo much MORE impressed with people that get to Level 60, now that I’ve gotten at least this far! Has anybody else noticed that frequently the Level 60 posts have a certain level of . . . what’s the right word? . . . Maturity? Somberness? Exhaustion? I don’t mean overtly. And there are plenty who show all the enthusiasm and excitement that they deserve with reaching the milestone. But, I noticed some kind of underlying feeling in those posts when I was around level 10 and it actually helped me gear up mentally for what was ahead. It most of all showed the depletion(?) was there and so I couldn’t make it to 60 purely on love for Japan.

I’m glad I did because this is tough stuff to keep it going!

I work full-time, have three kids, and am a teacher. So when Covid-19 hit I was three months into Wanikani. I all of the sudden had more flexibility in schedules since I was working from home, but much less large chunks of time for longer lesson/review batches because of family life being quarantined all together. It has taken, and with the new school year started, continues to take a lot of effort to keep it all going. And to be honest I have had to delay starting new levels or keeping on reviews because of lack of time at home and work. But, it feels good! I wish I had more time to read all the many different Japanese Reading apps I’ve collected, I know that is super important. But, I figure if I retain 80% of what I’m passing in Wanikani then I can catch up the other 20% someday through reading practice

Personally, I knew that the fact the program would take 12-18 months to finish was my biggest threat. There’s just so many possible events that could kill momentum and daily habits over that long of a period. So I have been relentlessly trying to plow through it all. That has been at the expense of retention and honest ‘passing’ instead relying on the added benefits of Tsurukame. But, I’m fine with that. Again, my biggest threat is the longer I spend the greater the chance it becomes too overwhelming. Luckily my wife has been super supportive and doesn’t ever really question me when I have to bog down for an hour to do lessons or whatever.

I’m hoping from here to get a more regular schedule for reviews, maybe trying what some have suggested of doing 20 lessons a day or something like that so it’s more manageable in the long-run. Also, I want to start reading regularly. I just get so bored reading news and magazine articles all the time and I’m too cheap to go buy books when I may get bored with them, too. I think I need to work up to building reading habits, can’t just dive into that kind of commitment.

What about you guys? Suggestions? Stories? Level 30 tips?

Also, yes, I did have sprinkle pancakes last night for dinner. :slight_smile:


Do your reviews

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Congrats on level 30! :heart:



You will get another congratulation pic when you reach level 60.


Congrats on halfway!

Here’s a @kozumikkucrepeon (don’t mind the greenness, I’m not quite sure what happened there)


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