Let us enter numbers

Are you even for real, Leebo?


That’s the most savage response I ever saw someone make and I love it. Now post a ‘drops the mic’ GIF


No he didn’t. If he did, all of his posts would be level 6, but they’re not. But still well played, though.


Typing the letters for the numbers doesn’t really bother me. But in the short time I’ve been here, I came across quite a few people complaining about it.
Wouldn’t it be possible to convert the numbers to text while typing it? as in typing “1000” and having it change to “Thousand” while on screen. That way there isn’t really a problem with the fuzzy check since its letters, and you can tell if you misspelled it before you gave the actual answer.

But… They are though?
At least, on my computer…

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Race to 60 then?

Actually please don’t, there’s no way I’ll keep up


That would be a pretty cool workaround. Like how the English is just converted straight to kana. I imagine it’s probably more work than just coming up with a blacklist though, which is how it sounds they’re going to get around it. But a blacklist could surely accidentally miss some things…

I just did all my new lessons.


It’s some weird thing then because I can see some of his posts in level 60 and level 6


I don’t know how he’s doing it, but I even left the thread and returned and it’s still like that.

EDIT: Never mind. It finally updated on my computer. That was really weird.

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The oracle told me that would happen.


You’ve been successfully hacked!

And of course I just ran out of likes…


Aw shucks, I was just about to instigate a Leebo forum hunt.

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It was weird because his profile had even changed, but the earlier entries were still level 60 while the more recent ones were level 6.

I’m pretty sure it’s simply Discourse not sinking immediately.

There has been cases of people in the old race thread complaining to have leveled up, but that their badge hadn’t updated.

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Are… are you going to have to extend your subscription for this?! Or will you just go as far as you can before it runs out?

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I was already 95% committed to doing that, since I wanted to unburn stuff in the future no matter what.


Oh ok, that’s good to hear.

So, it’s basically an “unburn (almost) all” in one click?


Sure. I have about 750 things burned, one thing is enlightened, and basically everything else is “new”.

But let’s stop discussing this here.