Add more synonyms?

Anyone who’s used WaniKani for a while knows that the synonym limit can be a bitch, especially with words that are just super hard to spell and even if you spell it somewhat correct it will still mark it wrong. Is there a script I can run to let me add more synonyms?

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Can’t tell if you’re joking or not. If you can’t spell “hospitalisation”, more synonyms ain’t gonna help.


Why would you need all of those? The “fuzzy spell check” should take care of any spelling mistakes.


I had no idea there was a limit


Yeah seriously, there’s a limit? Are you trolling us?


Yeah, I think my highest total of added synonyms might be 4 or something.

The problem is mainly with expressions that can be said with various phrases, not different spellings.

Like “履く” doesn’t have “to wear shoes” or “to put shoes on”

EDIT: And I finally looked at some of those spellings… you didn’t seriously think “hospitalization” ended with a “j” did you?


You spelled hospitalization using British English, and, for half a second, I thought you had spelled it wrong in a comment about spelling. I love spelling differences. They are interesting.


J is close to n on the key board. Perhaps he is a very fast typist and makes mistakes that way and quickly presses enter be he can detect the error.

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Because each of those wasn’t accepted as correct until I added them as synonyms?

No, I had my fingers type in the general direction of the word and it ended up spelled like that. It’s still pretty damn close.

Yeah, the only thing about those synonyms that doesn’t make me think Poe’s Law is in play here is the fact that none of them are “asfgkjshfg”



… Nor should they be. Because they’re wrong.


Ah yes, I remember when my grandma was ill and needed to be HP-O-SAO-PIJTIL-Ned. Truly heart wrenching.


How are they wrong? They’re incorrectly spelled but you can clearly make out the meaning. I’m not going to be able to perfectly type it each time, and it would waste so much time to anyways.

The ignore script is what you use for hopelessly terrible spelling mistakes, not adding every possible string of characters as synonyms.


Please don’t be snarky. I would seriously like to know if there’s a way to add more synonyms.

Very funny. I don’t need every possible string of characters, I need to be able to type the general form of a word and have it accepted, because I clearly know what the word is.

I can, because I’m a human. Sadly, computers are far more literal. Be nice to the computer.

Though honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that we were describing random “other” spellings for “hospitalisation”, I would not have the foggiest idea of what you meant by “hposopiatolin”


You seriously spell “hospitalized” as HPOSAOPIJTIL?


I think, essentially, what everyone is trying to say, though maybe a little harsher/more jokingly than necessary, is that there is a range within which wanikani will accept bad spelling, since we all make mistakes. But if you are off by more than a certain amount (fairly generous, if I remember correctly) it cannot tell that you were correct with bad spelling. So basically, the answer is probably to work on spelling that word correctly or more close to correctly. Either that, or if you always type it wrong in the same way, enter that as an option and then you don’t have to worry.