Let us enter numbers


Please let us enter numbers as an answer.

What level before you can hold a conversation?
Second chance for vocab

I’m pretty sure you can.
Or do you mean, numbers should be synonyms by default?


Yes number should be synonyms by default. There are so many number kanji/vocab that it would take forever to manually input my own synonyms.


Hm, I see what you mean. That’s a good point.
Ideally, I would like a userscripts that allows to quickly/efficiently add synonyms, though :thinking:
(Like it adds a table with the word/kanji in the left column and “add synonym” in the right one)


This is answered in the FAQ as to why numbers are avoided in the meanings. I don’t see what the issue is anyway.


Yeah that’s a good idea, I don’t know if they listen to our input though.


Good news! Your feedback has already been considered and there’s a response available!


There are really not that many vocab with numbers, they’re just mostly concentrated in the first levels. Later on, I think there’s three for 杯.


Wow, I didn’t even remember it was in there. I never really had that question myself :stuck_out_tongue:


The error tolerance is implemented using the Levenshtein distance, and the length of the expected input (for example any typo in words less than 4 characters will be an error, then you can have 1–2 wrong characters, etc).

Without major changes in the implementation you will be able to enter any number without triggering an error. The number vocab disappears after like level 10, so why introducing new possible problems for a minor annoyance?


It’s way faster to just input a number than type it out, and there’s literally not one reason to not include it.


Well, the problem is that you could write 1000 instead of 10000 for 万 and still get it count as correct


With how often numbers come up in vocab and how easier it is to just type a number it really should be included… There is no error when I enter my own number synonym. I don’t see how they couldn’t work around this supposed error.


You tried entering 1000 for 10000 (or something similar) and it marked it wrong?

There are like… dozens of number words… Out of thousands. It’s barely anything.


The problem is that for example when the answer is “floor 42” you can enter “floor 99” or probably “floor 999” and just get a warning. The error checking is optimized for the 99% of answers that matter. It is a problem, but effort vs. payoff is not worth it in my opinion.

Anyway, maybe Viet is already working on it, I’m just telling why the developers might not jump on this.


What? No, I’m saying we should be able to input numbers instead of typing them out.


Okay well technical aspects aside, it’s a feature that has no reason not to be included and several reasons to be included.


We know what you’re talking about. You said you tried to do it and there was no error. The error in question is when you are inputting the answer for, say, 10000, and you enter 1000. That would be accepted, but is wrong.

I was confirming that you tried that and it didn’t accept it, when you said there was no error.


Even having it accept the wrong number is better than accepting no number at all.


Why? So you can burn it while thinking its meaning was something it wasn’t?