Let's set our goal for year end 2017!


Hello everyone,

Let’s set our goal for year end 2017!

You can roughly calculate what it is applicable goal for you from the approximate leveling up period I have found in this topic : https://community.wanikani.com/t/leveling-up/12276/3

The max possible speed to level up is:
Levels 1-3: 3days 2hrs (if I’ve got my math right)
Levels 4-25, 27-45: 7days 20hrs
Levels 26,46-60: 4days 10hrs

I am in level 7 now and I set my goal for year end 31/12/17 at level 20.

Let’s progress together!

Let‘s set our goals for the end of year 2018

Level 15 now, shooting for 28-30. Though I won’t be too disappointed if I have to slow down as long as I keep making progress and go to sleep with 0 reviews every night.


I’m hoping to be about level 35 by the end of the year. I’ll be doing a lot of courses at university so that should be quite a challenge already.

Right now I’m level 25.


I’ll set a goal when I buy my yearly subscription, as soon as I get my salary :smiley:


For WaniKani, I want to go at max speed so that I’ll be around level 48 when the year ends.

Also I want to start focusing more on grammar, since I haven’t been studying it at all for the last 5 months… I will start working my way through Tobira, for at least an hour every 2 days (started this yesterday). I hope to be very close to passing N4, even though I’m not going to take the test officially!


Not sure about Level 1-3, but
Levels 4-25, 27-45: 6days 20hrs
Levels 26,46-60: 3days 10hrs
in the most recent update, a few months ago.


I can probably get to level 42 by the end of the year if I take my time.


I’ll be happy just to not be on vacation mode.


Level 51 and finished with Tobira


Start and have momentum in Tobira. Half if I could.


Hmm, I’m not sure what I want my end-of-year goal to be yet.

According to my stats page, if I go max speed, I will hit level 22 at 11pm on Dec 31st. I’m not sure I want to attempt that, but it’s good that I looked at that and can keep that in the back of my mind.

Maybe I’ll shoot for level 20. shrug I need to think about it some more.


Level 26 and maybe retaining even one grammar point. Something. I would like to be able to read a sentence.
Because I am so tired of trying so many things for grammar, thinking I understand as I’m going through them and then realizing that I either didn’t understand or my brain is just too dumb to remember anything


What has been helping me lately is I started using iKnow. It’s not perfect, certain things about it annoy me. But I’ve noticed that since I’ve started using it regularly (coupled with spending less time on WK) my reading has improved a LOT. Sadly, the free trial doesn’t give you enough time to know if you like it, but I found a code on reddit for a free 3 months. When that runs out, I may consider paying for it. I can probably find the code again for you if you’re (or anyone else is) interested.


Wait a second… Level 2? Thought you were much higher than that. Saw you were level 1 the other day and thought subscription just lapsed or something… but, progress reset?


I was (only) at level 4, but I reset because I had been on vacation mode for weeks (life happened) and had forgotten much of what I learned so I decided to start over with a clean slate.


Hmm, I could have swore you were 10+. Too many folks here on the forums, melding everyone together in my mind I guess. Vacation mode is a blessing and a curse. Went on a two week one before and it ruined me. Restarting the level over would have been nice, but it wasn’t an option at the time.


It wasn’t? Why?


You can ask me any questions whenever~
(no guarantees anything I say is correct, though…)


Can’t recall when they added the ability to reset progress, but I feel it was just earlier this year sometime. My two week stretch was last April, before they programmed in that ability. Suppose I could have sent an email to the overloads asking if they could do that, but never would have thought to do that.


My goals are:
Which is gonna be hard because I have to buy a gift for my friend, then there’s Christmas, there’s an item that I ordered for myself that gets released on Christmas, there’s a game I want that comes out in November, there’s another game I want already out, I have to pay for part (half?) of a PS4… Yikes
I had a purpose when I started, but everyone had such amazing replies, I wanted to reply to every single person, but seeing as how many there are… Yikes