Level 10 by the end of 2020. Achievable?

Level 10 by the end of 2020

This is a personal goal I want to achieve. Because I am only Level 2 at the moment, I don’t quite know the meta of WaniKani yet, the number of Lessons I would be bombarded with every level, the reviews, etc.

So, to all the pros out there, is this an achievable goal?

Personally, I believe I can pull this off. Considering there are around 90 days left in the year, I would have to level up every 10 days or so. I think this challenge would be very productive, as it would make me understand how the SRS system works, and in the future will help me schedule things better for 2021.


Probably, yeah.

Maybe even surely.


Yes, You can.

頑張れ :raised_hands:t2:


Because it ends with れ I am guessing you said Ganbare. Well, let’s do this by the end of 2020.


I recon it should be possible, I should be hitting level 10 next week, and I started on the 3rd of august. So if you go at a similar speed as I do (about a level per 8 days), you should hit level 10 in the first week of december. So setting level 10 as a goal for this year should be doable.



That sounds really good. Any tips Senpai?

Like how you were dealing with lessons, how many vocab lessons you were doing a day, did you set a schedule to do all your lessons and reviews through the day?

Hej, I agree with others. 10 days per level is pretty reasonable.

As for your questions:

  • schedule - yes, i recommend
  • lessons - not too many at once since they will come back in waves for the many review states. some users go by 10 / 15 / 20 / … lessons per day. I usually do something between 12 ~ 24 depending on my mood
  • and here is the ultimate guide everyone should peek in at least once :slight_smile:

Good luck on your journey and have fun.


It is very doable!

I have a goal of 42 by end of 2020 so it’s less levels than what you are facing. However, I still think you can do it!

I know you did not ask me this directly but here are my answers:

  • 10 lessons per day, 4 kanji-6 vocab combination. When I run out of kanji, all-vocab.
  • Radical lessons done right away and may or may not be part of the 10 lessons I mentioned above. This depends on your decision.
  • I normally do reviews: morning, noon, when I get back from work, before sleeping. If work is slow, I take breaks and do reviews. Yes, I do reviews while eating lunch :nerd_face:
  • Zero reviews available by the time I turn in for the night.

Like what @tls said: “Good luck on your journey and have fun.”


I started near the end of August and I’m about to get to level 7 so I think it should be reasonable. I’d say take your time with your lessons and really try to write those kanji and radicals into your brain. The ultimate guide linked above is very helpful, I would highly recommend it. I originally started off doing all the lessons but now that I’m starting to wake up to 100+ reviews a day, I do up to 25 lessons a day and make sure to keep an eye on my apprentice item count to decide how many I’m up to doing. I try to keep it under 125 apprentice items, and at the moment I’m at 104 since I only had 11 lessons left to do today instead of my usual 25.
As for schedule, I do my reviews about 3 times a day: Once when I wake up, once a couple hours later (usually about 4 hours later), and once before bed. I usually do my lessons during my morning review session unless I don’t have any available until later in the day. Also, I don’t necessarily do all of my reviews whenever I sit down. If I wake up to 100 reviews, I might do 50 reviews now and save the other 50 for later once I feel up to it.


Probably the best advice is to not do all lessons at once. The actual amount of lessons and the times you do it at will vary from person to person, as everyone has their own pace.

For me, the amount of lessons I do will depend mostly on the number of apprentice items I currently have, and the number of lessons I’ve already done that day. I try to keep my apprentice count below 150 (preferably even 100 if possible). Apprentice items are the items that come up in your reviews most often, so the more you have the more reviews you will have on any given day. Keeping the amount low enough ensures that you aren’t faced with days where you have 300 reviews to do (which I had for some levels when I still did all my lessons in one go, which I regretted afterwards).

I will also try to limit myself to not doing more than 20 to 25 lessons a day. Since the SRS works with regular intervals, if you do 50 lessons at a given time, you will have 50 reviews to do 4 hours later, and large sessions tend to burn me out. I prefer to spread the workload out over the week to prevent this.

Now there are some exceptions to this, for example, since radicals don’t have readings they tend to be a bit easier to remember correctly (at least for me), and some related vocabulary can be treated as a single item (for example if you know the numbers the vocabulary for the different months tends not to be too hard to remember, as January is 一月, February is 二月, etc.), so I’ll treat all of those as one item.

The most important part is just getting into the routine of doing your reviews and making steady progress. Your final goal is to learn all the kanji, so finding a pace and schedule that works for you is the most important part. And if you run into any difficulties, just come to the forums, people here are more than willing to help. :smile:

Also, I can definitely recommend checking out the ultimate guide @tls mentioned, it really does a good job of explaining how to manage workloads on WaniKani and what pitfalls to watch out for.

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You guessed it right :clap: , though I should have put the kana or English translation in the bracket. See, you are already on your way to the top with such sharp instincts :love_you_gesture:t2:


As someone already linked, read the ultimate wk guide. Everything you need is there.

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