Lessons similar to 日本語の森

I have found a lot of success with learning Japanese in Japanese through 日本語の森 and I’ve been looking for similar resources. I can learn Japanese grammar, practice listening, learn extremely useful vocabulary and expressions for discussing Japanese in Japanese, and pause / replay videos if the content is too fast. Money is not an issue. Have you found any similar lesson series (e.g. N3 - N1) that you recommend?

Sambon juku?


Any particular order for this? I filtered by their playlists but I only see N2 and N1 stuff.

YouTube hasn’t worked for me as a learning channel, because I cant sort/search in a coherent manner in the most recommended channels.

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日本語の森 and Sambon Juku have N3 playlists also. Maybe you didn’t look in the playlist section of the channel? Order doesn’t matter. It’s preferable that they can be grouped in a logical manner. I’m also open to paid material (e.g. online courses) if the quality is high.

If you are willing to pay, why not get a private teacher? It worked great for me. It could be flexible with your current level and with your goals, such as grammar or vocabulary focus and would help you step away from textbooks and diversify and enhance your learning journey.

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I agree, and I will. I just like the ability to pause, replay, and reference content offline at will.

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The 日本語おもしろい playlist is a good middle ground between the N3 stuff and the basic stuff. The lessons are still relatively easy to understand and the topics are interesting. Even the N3 stuff is not bad since アッキイ先生 speaks really clearly.

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Thank you!

I guess my problem is that I expect very well categorized playlists or names/filters in all content, and when I dont find them clearly labeled, I give up, afraid that just trying to find it will take too much effort.

Thanks again!

You’re talking about Sambon Juku? There’s an N3 playlist. Is there something more that people want in a playlist than “it plays all the videos that are N3 grammar points?” What is there to be “afraid” of? >_>

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I have a habit of searching for things, finding something that vaguely resembles what I’m looking for, and saving them to look at more thoroughly later, so take this with that in mind.
Check out:

yumi ura

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If you can link me to the N5 and N4 specific playlists (just to cross check with the vocabulary I already have from Minna and WK) I would appreciate it.

All I saw was N1 and N2 material, another helpful WK member gave me the context for N3 (and around N3).

Who, Sambon Juku? I’m not sure if they have N4 or N5. The OP asked for N3-N1 content. And they have N3-N1 playlists so I linked them (in my first post… those were links to the playlists, if it wasn’t clear). Those playlists are also the first thing you see on the home page for the channel, so they’re not buried or anything.

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Thank you, yes I may have confused things. Since I was able to filter by N1 and N2 playlists, I thought maybe the N3-N4-N5 were hidden or not categorized correctly.

Thanks for the channel … I didnt’t know that so far :smiley: its perfect for current times… I have a lot of time to watch

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