Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate video resources?

Does anyone have a set of YouTube videos that they’ve found that are helpful? I’m looking for materials that present bite-sized lessons around the N4/N3 level (just as a reference)…

I enjoyed AndyTokini when he was doing Genki, but it’s kinda hard for me to get into his Quartet videos.

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Sambonjuku has a pretty good series on N3:

Game Gengo also has really good breakdown videos with the more recent ones covering N3:


I second the Sanbonjuku recommendation! There is also Nihongo no Mori which I also like a lot, but they recently moved some of their content to a paid scheme and I don’t know which parts are still free.


Thanks! It’s nice learning Japanese in Japanese from a good Japanese teacher (Sambon Juku) and also having a seemingly comprehensive fun visual playlist to work through (Game Gengo).

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