Do you finish all of your vocabulary before starting Radicals/Kanji?

I’m curious as to whether or not people here complete their vocab before progressing through the level they’re currently on.

I’ve completed a level in 8 days before, but now find myself using Ultimate Reorder to work through Level 7 Vocab before even starting my Level 8 Radicals.

My question is this, really: Does anyone else stay on a level for extended periods to clear out the last level’s vocab, or is it more common to keep powering through and just do a set amount of lessons every day? …or do you end up doing them all anyways, so it doesn’t matter?

(Wouldn’t that leave you with a towering stack of vocab from levels and levels ago?)

Thanks for your input! ありがとう! :wave:t2:

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you shouldn’t need to use reorder for that, normally the vocab of the previous level comes before all items of the next level.
So yes most people EXCEPT those that use reorder to NOT do vocab, actually do vocab first as it should be.

As for me Vocab is a lot easier, i usually do my lessons in this order:

  1. Radicals
  2. Half Kanji
  3. Other Half Kanji
  4. Vocab
  5. Kanji unlocked by radicals
  6. Vocab



I try to do 15 lessons per day, 5 kanji or radical and 10 vocab. Last time I levelled up, I had a lot of leftover vocab so I did 10 vocab from the previous level plus 5 kanji or radicals from the current level. That worked out well for me and I was able to catch up in a good way. For me it’s very important to reach 0 lessons / 0 reviews every level. As long as I reach 0/0, I know that I’m never too behind on my vocab compared to my kanji.


What’s your average time on a level?

Weird. Mine have been mixed before I used Reorder.

I just power through all the things WK throws at me without a single script.
I usually clean out all of the vocabulary items before level up even if it creates a pile of apprentice items so I would be able to reach radicals on the level up day. Then I calm down and go without much haste. Though I do my best to spread the learning cycle (20 items per day?)


About 10 to 12 days on average now. Take the total number of items per level and divide with 15, and add one or two days to be on the safe side, and most levels will fall around 10-12 days. Level 17 has more items than most levels so I’ll probably spend around 14 days on this level.

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Maybe you are confusing vocab from the current level with past levels.
You usually unlock vocab with Kanji from previous levels every level

For example 地上 is a lvl 8 vocab consisting of a level 6 and level 1 kanji
This item will be ordered after your level 8 radicals and kanji


My preferred method (now that I’m back to 0/0):

Clear all vocab before level up
Once levelled up, do my radical and kanjis in one session
Do my vocab lessons 20 a day spread over the six days where I don’t have kanji lessons.
That way I end the level with 0 vocab lessons left.


I got too bored with doing endless reviews so I started doing 5 lessons after I complete 10 reviews then repeat.
Only a good system if you don’t mind doing lots of reviews.


Take a look at this setting (settings-app). I have it set to Ascending level then shuffled. To get kanji from my current level and vocab from my previous level, I used Tsukurame on iPhone for a few days.

thats the best way imo

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Well, I appreciate everyone’s input. I was just a little confused as to how people consistently maintain such quick leveling up and imagined their lessons pile must be insanely high. In the end, I guess I’ll stick to what works for me. I need to learn it all anyways, so I might as well clear everything before I start on Radicals/Kanji.


I think that most speedrunners do all their vocab lessons too, although i have heard some people skip ALL vocab…
which i dont recommend


At 20 lessons per day, I usually manage around 10-11 days per level. That’s only 3-4 days slower than the absolute fastest, and it’s a good pace for me.

Think of it like this. The difference between that speed and the fastest speed is only 1 level per month.

Yes, never do that. I did that, which is why I was forced to create Script Abusers Anonymous

This was me two weeks ago…

Thankfully back to 0 now.


When I level up, I usually do:

  1. Radicals
  2. Vocabulary (remaining previous level and new level)
  3. Kanji (sometimes I do them before unlocking the radicals, sometimes after)
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I was weak and let Ultimate reorder lead me down the garden path - “I’ll just skip these ones for now and catch up later”.
Ultimately I reset myself back 10 levels and have been strictly finishing my vocabulary before moving on to the new level’s radicals. It’s taking me about 16 days per level which I’m fine with.


holy shit
that looks dangerous


I wouldn’t exactly call myself a speed-runner (I don’t go max-speed), but I do go fast, and and also just power through all lessons. I use no scripts.

But, I did self-study Japanese several years before WK, so I know a lot of vocabulary. Even now on lv 30, I mostly encounter stuff I know. So, for me, vocab-lessons are done before they start almost.

That’s not something someone encountering most items for the first time can do. I think I’d then take my time to digest all the new info, and not rush things. Better to make sure things stick, rather than having to go back an redo lessons because it’s all mixed up in my head at that point. ^^;

You are absolutely right in that you shouldn’t skip the vocab lessons. They are very valuable to make the kanji stick. ^>^