Lessons vs. Leveling Up

So I leveled up recently and despite my best in attempting to understand, I have come up short.

If I have a level 1 kanji that I have just moved from apprentice to guru, and that causes my level up to level 2. Will my lessons queue show me the vocabulary related to that kanji first or will I start seeing level 2 radicals and kanji before those vocabulary items?

I know the level ups are by kanji and the vocab is supplemental, I just want to be sure I know how this works.

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve been here for 40 levels and I’m still not really sure… :neutral_face:

Don’t worry, someone will come and save us. :slight_smile:


At least you’re honest! :joy:


Based on my experience you will first learn the vocabulary of your unfinished level before getting the new kanji


I can say for sure you will not see your level 2 lessons until you finish the supplemental vocab for level 1. I just moved to level 11 and didn’t even realize it, haha and my lessons are still doing the vocab from level 10 and I just got like 50 more lessons for level 11 that will appear after finishing all that vocab.



You can customize your lesson ordering in your settings page (WaniKani — Log in)

I think by default it’s by ascending level and then subject(type) but you can fully randomize it if you want by choosing shuffled.


Order of lessons for level n under the order of “ascending level then by subject”:
n-2 vocabulary
n-1 radicals
n-1 kanji
n-1 vocabulary
n radicals
n kanji
n vocabulary
(Default, WK recommended order)

For “ascending level then shuffled”:
n-2 radicals/kanji/vocabulary at any order
n-1 radicals/kanji/vocabulary at any order
n radicals/kanji/vocabulary at any order
(The order I recommend)

For “shuffled”:
Any radicals/kanji/vocabulary for any n, at any order
(The order lessons were originally in until WK rearranged them. I don’t think anybody recommends this order.)


@konekush @jneapan

Thank you both. This makes so much more sense now!


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