Learning to recognize kanji using JReader

There are a couple kanji I already knew before starting with wanikani. In 2019 I lived in Japan for 2 months to learn the language. Sadly it’s been difficult to keep up with the kanji and I regularly need to look up the same kanji.

To start solving this problem I started looking for easy to read stories. But I always failed to revisit the websites, take NHK for an example.

So I decided to look for an app and there is one. It’s called JReader and you just open the app and it’s just stories with the JLPT level next to them. You can toggle furigana really fast while reading to train yourself to remember the kanji and turn it on when you forget. You can also click the kanji you don’t know the meaning off.

This helped me a lot with remembering after reading a couple stories. And because of the translation in one click I can even read and understand JLPT N3 stories.

Thanks for reading my first post, I’ll try not to lurk too much haha.


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