I am a big fan of JA audio book

Has anyone else here heard of this? It has been very helpful to me so far. I have the android app and it has a bunch of graded stories for you to read that are also audio books so you can click on any sentence and listen to it. It also comes with per story and per sentence grammar and vocabulary lists and optional furigana among other features.

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I have not heard of this but it sounds very useful for listening practice. What is the app called? How beginner friendly is it? My listening needs a lot of work so I’m open to new resources.

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In the android app store the app shows up as “JA Audiobook Learn Japanese”. I think it is very beginner friendly. The words are pronounced very clearly. Some of the stories have mostly JLPT N5 and N4 kanji and are clearly targeted towards beginners. The first story in the list, “Usagi-san: An Unexpected Hero” feels like it should be easy enough for anyone to get started with.

Thanks I’m going to check this out today. Can’t have enough Japanese language study apps until I feel comfortable with this language; they all come in useful. The way I see it, if I’m struggling with something, that means I don’t know it as well as I should and following Japanese at normal speed, and reading fluently are still areas I need a lot of practice in.

I understand how you feel. A large block of Japanese can be intimidating and take so long to read. I think continuing to read is the only way to get faster at it. Good luck with your reading and I think its awesome you are back posting on WaniKani for the first time in a while.