Do you know any non-kanji vocabulary learning resources?

Words like から、まで and more. Since I’m studying all japanese kanji vocabulary with wanikani, I am looking for a resource that collect the most important and most used japanese vocabulary without kanji.

I know it may be a little outdated, but I quite like iKnow. I think a lot of their content was converted into Anki decks, though, so maybe just check out Anki?

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Torii SRS has an option for kana-only words and for words not on WaniKani. It is an SRS system just like Wanikani and includes example sentences.

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There are lots of no-kanji words to learn, but grammatical words like から or まで are probably best learned in a grammar lesson since knowing an English translation doesn’t really tell you how the word connects to other parts of a sentence.


I forget the name of it, but there is an Anki deck out there that’s made up of important Kana -only words

Personally though, I don’t really see the value in it if you already have a good vocab deck, they’ll come up in there anyway.

Mango Languages (or any other well-designed language course / textbook, really) will teach you a core vocabulary. Mango in particular has an SRS that works on phrases, not individual words, which has the benefit of also teaching you how to correctly use those words in a sentence.

Of course, with that approach you also end up seeing a lot of vocab you already know from Wanikani but tbh I see that as an advantage because Wanikani really doesn’t teach you how to use words, just how to read them, and you don’t learn which verbs are ichidan or godan or which adjectives are -na adjectives.

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