Verbs! Please help! :S

Hey everyone,

Can anyone recommend a good method and/or resource that will teach me/help me memorise verbs (and further down the line, conjugation).

I’ve got a pretty decent understanding of the principles of verb conjugation; I just need to learn the verbs themselves and commit them to memory.

The beautiful thing for me personally about Wanikani is that it’s virtually effortless. I just sit down, chill out, stick on some music and run through my reviews.

Perhaps I’m looking for an SRS app for verbs? I’m not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated! FYI, I have used Memrise and LingoDeer. I already know a few basic verbs like go, come, watch etc.

Verbs are my Kryptonite at the moment. I don’t have the same problem recalling nouns or adjectives etc.

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It’s not verb-exclusive, but I highly recommend using a reverse-WaniKani site such as KaniWani or KameSame to practice going from EN --> JP with what you learn here (since WK is only JP --> EN)

There are lots of verbs to practice/reinforce and functions in the same way as WK’s SRS, so I think you’d notice a significant difference in recall if you start incorporating it into your study routine ^^

Also, if you want to do some verb conjugation practice, there’s this Verb Conjugation Drill site you can check out

がんばってね ! :crabigator::sparkles:


This is a bit easier said than done via WaniKani imo.

WaniKani doesn’t tell us which group a verb belongs to, so even though you know a る verb’s dictionary form, you’re still going to have to further research the verb to learn which group it’s a part of. 見る is one such example of an exception to rules that some places teach (it’s group 2), though you learn this so early on it generally isn’t a problem, this isn’t the only case of it happening.

There’s also WaniConjugation
Been meaning to get into using it myself, but I keep not.

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In my opinion, Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese Grammar is a really good and simple explanation for basic verb conjugation :slight_smile:
There’s a couple sections on it there, so make sure to look at the other lessons as well. He also has a book on the site that’s pretty useful.
For learning verbs, you could go through JLPT lists and just collect all the verbs. There’s also a list here
For memorizing verbs and rules, I would use Anki, or something similar.
If you’re worried about conjugation or exceptions with the る and う verbs, you can use The “Show Inflections” Button under the verb will show you this information:

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Thanks everyone. I’m glad I asked the question

And, not to forget Steven Kraft’s Japanese Project that lets you drill conjugations and all sorts of other stuff like numbers and their relatives.

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