Learning all Kanji

Is wanikani the only way to learn all the 2000 jojo kanji? Will Anki deck help if I just start with that?

It’s just that I’m tight with money to keep going with wanikani but I still want to practise kanji with a good strategy or plan.


Not all Joyo kanji are on WK. Some of them you have to learn on your own.

For a list of Joyo kanji not on WK see https://www.wkstats.com/v2/items/joyo


WK falls about 200 kanji short of the full joyo list.

But worrying about that at level 11 seems like getting ahead of yourself.

There are countless ways to learn besides WK. If it was the only way, then very few people in the world would be proficient at kanji.

Anki is another SRS tool, so I’m sure that with the right deck you could achieve a very similar experience to WK, but you don’t need to study kanji in this way even. There are other styles beyond this.


I don’t think there’s a more effective way to learn the 2000 kanji than wanikani. If you really apply yourself you can finish the whole thing in two years. It looks like you joined a bit over three years ago? What’s keeping your progress at such a moderate pace?

Is this…


Thanks for the link, is this better than the normal (old?) wkstats?

It’s better but not finished yet. Will probably be finished by summer, when the WK team turns off API version 1.

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I didn’t do anything for a year because I lost motivation. But now I following this Japanese lessons weekly I feel a huge motivation boost to learn all the kanji again.

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Buy the lifetime membership. If you do the math, it’s worth it.

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This is just my two cents, but I think making your initial goal “learn all the Joyo kanji” is really lofty and might be daunting! It might be easier to divide your goal up into little goals, like “learn all the G1 Joyo kanji.” 2000 is waaay bigger than 80! This might help to keep you from feeling burned out, or like you’re not making any/enough progress. I’m sure you can learn all 2000 eventually, but that’s such a long-term goal.

As far as alternatives to WaniKani:

I haven’t personally used any of these options, but I’m sure you can find something that works for you if WaniKani isn’t in your price range. I would look up some YouTube videos to get a general sense of your options here. 頑張がんばって!

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There are other styles beyond this.

Go on.

I do need to be honest that wanikani has teached me all the kanji that I can read mostly fluent when I see them by reading and meaning. I don’t know if self study will do the same.

The heisig method is the best way to quickly become familiar with all the kanji. I used kanjiclimb.com as a companion to the book.

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