Advice on my options after Wanikani


So, as you can tell by my level, I’m nearing the end of Wanikani after ~2.5 years (this website is amazing. Thank you WK team if you read this). I’m looking into the next steps of my learning process. I know many people are going to say to start reading more or speaking more and I get it. It’s on my docket of things to do and I’m already doing grammar with Bunpro and reading a beginner’s book but after going through Wanikani this far, I realized I would like to finish learning at least all the remaining joyo kanji that WK doesn’t teach you. That way, I feel like I accomplished a tangible goal and if people ask how many kanji I know, I can confidently say I know all the joyo kanji (plus some more).

I can see this being accomplished with one of two ways and if anyone has had experience with either of these, I’d be happy to hear your input:

  1. Use Torii and filter all the words that aren’t already in “Wanikani” and “kanna only” to get the rest of the Joyo kanji.
  2. There was a deck I found on called the “Lost 10 levels of Wanikani” which they claim would teach you the rest of the joyo kanji and have similar mnemonics. I know has a small fee which I dont mind paying.

Now, despite these being my foreseeable future options, I have a problem with both of these apps. I have been also doing Kaniwani through all my levels and as far as I know, there isn’t a reverse SRS for these apps. If someone has a tool that (a) teaches the remaining joyo kanji and (b) has a reverse list, I would be more enticed to use that. I wouldn’t be opposed to using Anki if there are a couple decks that also fit this requirement. I just don’t know the Japanese resources on the internet as well as many people on this site :wink:

So let me know your opinions on my options or if you have a resource that fits my request, please let me know. I appreciate it.

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Kitsun can do Eng → Jp

I can set this template if you want it on the lost levels, I do this for pretty much all my cards. But I didn’t feel it’s that useful for this deck given the rarity of so many words hence I didn’t publish it. If you won’t use the deck then I’d rather not set it as an option so just let me know but it’s just a matter of other users adjusting their deck settings to what they want. I assume just vocab because KaniWani just does words, right? If you have specific words you want to practice not included within the vocab list (within the remaining Joyo), I’m happy to add them…but many are nature or Jinmeiyo usage where knowing the meaning isn’t a priority…so again Eng->Jp a bit limited IMO.


I should probably tack on that Kitsun is kind of a more generalized SRS platform that emphasizes Japanese. As the above poster covered a deck can have en → jp if desired, or have a combination of input and non-input modes, ect… Like, there’s a guitar chord deck on there now.

On top of the lost levels, jprspereira has a “wk expansion pack”


Wanikani Expansion Pack!

Learn common words that aren’t on Wanikani! These words are ordered by WK level, so that you’re able to learn them as you go on with learning your kanji!

  • More than 4700 words for you to learn!
  • Modern looks - Kitsun default template integrated!
  • All cards have Part of Speech.
  • All words are tagged by WK level, so you can jump to your current level right away if you wish to!

You can study words:

  • Japanese - Reading
  • Japanese - Meaning
  • English - Japanese

If you wish to deactivate any of the above, you can do so in the deck settings!


Thanks for the recommendation. I have a question that, since my trial ran out, I can’t answer for myself yet. Do you learn the remaining joyo kanji in the deck or is it just expanded vocab for words already in WK?

Thanks letting me know that I misspelled I swear there was an e in there before lol. My trial ran out at this point and I’m not super well-versed with settings on the site yet. If you are able to do the reverse flash cards for the Lost 10 Levels of Wanikani and it’s not a huge undertaking, then you would draw me closer and I would more than likely go with option 2 in my post. If it’s a big hassle to do, I’d feel bad if you did it. Also, yes, just vocab words (and no kanji) would be fine if you want to do it.

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For the record, I don’t actually use those decks as I’m a complete beginner. I just figured I’d mention it.

@jprspereira I am summoning you…

It is all set now. Hope you join our tribe. :fox_face:

Here is the den thread for this particular deck. There is also Discord channel.

If you go to deck settings, you can now set the active layouts here:

Users will suddenly notice english card backs now, haha. They can just set as above how they want. BTW @neicul, I’m using the original deck myself and notice I don’t have layout filtering options. Is there a way around this? If not, no worries, I’ll just practice reverse cards myself.


Thanks! Do I need to re-get the deck or do the options just change for me automatically?

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If you refresh your deck page, it should be all set (otherwise log out/in works too).

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I am thinking that in two years I can get to lvl 60 in wk, so I dont intend to get lifetime subscription.

About this kitsun, my question is: even not paying WK anymore, can I use my token from WK to export what I have learned in WK to continue in kitsun the lost levels or anything else that appears there?

Currently, you can create a csv file via Item Inspector script by @prouleau and import it in. I’ve tried it and works well with Kitsun. The script has a ton of options, depending what you want. There is also a WK API in the works for kitsun…my understanding this will bank your ‘known’ word list so you can filter decks with cards you already studied here, ideal if studying both platforms at the same time. What else the API may do, I’m not sure. Whether tokens expire if not subscribed, I’m not sure either but bet someone here knows. You can sort of cheat this process now via the script at a low leech threshold, import your list, mark as ‘known’ but it’s less elegant and not sure if captures all vocab off the script, prouleau would know. Of course this process doesn’t update in real time either like an active API would.


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