Learn lessons from a level I didn't reach yet?

So I started reading a book, and it has some kanjis from levels I didn’t reach yet.
It would be really helpful if I could just force WK to put this specific kanji (and it’s radicals) at the top of the lessons pile so I can learn it when I need it.
Any chance there is a user script for that? (Couldn’t find)

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I don’t think there’s anything that allows you to unlock items from a level you haven’t reached yet.

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There are indeed no scripts that can unlock locked items. You could use anki / torii / kitsun / memrise / houhou / other flashcard thing to add those words to an SRS and go over them anyway. But since you can’t skip items, you’d still have to go over them a second time as they show up in WK.


Like said you’d have to go over them again if you learn them now. So you have these options:

Learn them now and have a nice feeling of ease when you get to them in WK, or

Learn them when you get to them in WK and just look them up for now so you can continue reading but don’t actively learn them.


I asked the same question … :sob:

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