Learning a specific Kanji?

I’m using Wanikani as a supplement to a traditional Japanese course. I often find myself in a situation where I learn a specific Kanji or a Vocabulary in class which also exists in WaniKani but hasn’t come up in my WaniKani lessons yet. I’d like to have an option to manually learn a specific item so it populates my review stack. So I don’t have to learn it twice - in class and then in WaniKani when it eventually comes up in my random lessons. Are there perhaps 3rd party scripts that can do this?

You can just look up the item’s page and read the mnemonics there.

No. You cannot unlock items out of order. So no matter how you look at it, you’ll have to do that item’s lesson. This follows along the same lines as people who start with X number of kanji under their belt, though it’s a little bit different because you aren’t asking to skip levels. The good news is if you make quick progress, this will become a moot issue because the rate of learning far exceed one you would see in any classroom courses at there. Cheers!

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You can see it as an opportunity to repeat and review your knowledge. If you would unlock some level 20 kanji without knowing the WK radicals, the mnemonics wouldn’t really be helpful, right?


plus, you can ust skip through the text, and review them. Or, you can re review them, and re solidify your context. Lessons themselves take hardly any time if you’re focused and motivated.

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As others have mentioned, it is not possible to ‘preload’ a kanji from a higher WaniKani into your review deck.

But, don’t worry, you’ll be overwhelmed by lessons and reviews soon enough. By that point it will be a relief to see a lesson come up that references a kanji with which you are already familiar.


This might be overkill but …

If you really want a spaced repetition system to learn Wanikani kanji out of order, use the Wanikani to Anki export site to set up an Anki deck. The web site lets you download items from specific levels (including levels above your current level). From Anki, use the browse function on the the anki deck to select and suspend all the notes. Then find the note (kanji item) that you want to review and unsuspend that.

To make the review intervals the same as Wanikani, change the options for the deck:

Next to each deck, there is a cogwheel (settings) dropdown button.

Click on it and select options.

Change Steps (in minutes) to whatever intervals you want. e.g. 1 1 30 240 480 1440 2880 4320 5760 means 1 minute, 1 minute, 30 minutes, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days.


Hey Krystman! Are you the same Krystman from the monster hunter podcast? I see we both had the same idea when MHXX came out huh? haha

On to your question though, I recommend using some kind of supplemental flashcard software like Anki, as well as WaniKani. In my case, when I repeatedly run into a kanji I don’t know yet I look it up and add it to Anki. It does mean I have to maintain two sets of flashcards, but that hasn’t been a huge problem for me.

As for your concern about having to learn a kanji again in WaniKani, I wouldn’t worry too much about that since you’ll never be learning any kanji individually, but as a group within its level, so even if you already know a kanji or two in a level you’ll still have plenty to keep you busy.

Oh hey Amrocha. I actually started some time ago. MHXX was just a happy coincidence, I guess. :wink:

My attempt to learn Kanji without WaniKani and even Anki is

In short, try to learn all common Kun readings, some On reading, and all Kanji meanings (in JJ dictionary).

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