Any chance to unlock future Kanji / Vocab?

No, I don’t want to cheat the system and go to level 60 within a week. Way too old for that.

But I started to read the example sentences that often contain future Kanji / Vokab. After looking them up in Jisho or listening to a text-to-speech engine I would like to add them to my regular learning list without having to reactivate Anki.

Any way to do this? Probably not with a script, but is there any hidden functionality in WK that lets me unlock future lessions?? If not - can I add my own kanji / Vocab?


Nope, that’s not possible. You’ll have to use anki
or some other system.


It is not possible, but you’ll get there. We’re here for the marathon

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You can look them up on WaniKani, but, as far as I know, you can’t add them as review items until you unlock them…

Since WK teaches a lot of the JLPT kanji, presumably, you could do the kanji lessons on for the N2 and N1 levels. At level 27, you’ve learned most of them up through N3 by now. Renshuu is free and you can start kanji lessons by making an account and then go to lesson center > learn > (in the search bar) “renshuu_org” or just click “made by renshuu” Then you can select the lessons from either the word or kanji sections.

You can also make your own lessons, which sounds exactly like what you’re going for, but I’ve never done that process.

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thanks. Then I’ll try my luck on the “practice” - website -)

Do you think the prefetching of unknown kanji in the lessons is done on purpose to keep us on our toes ? Or rather as Napolean said: “Never assume malice when stupidity will suffice”


No problem! I hope you enjoy the site. It has a lot to offer.

The only reason we can’t do all the lessons at once is for pacing. WK’s designed this way to try to help you avoid burnout. :slight_smile:

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