Doing Kanji Out of Order

Is there any way, such as a user script, of learning a kanji out of order? I’m asking because of the case where you come across a kanji in a book or website and want to add it into your current WK lessons/reviews.

I know I could create an anki deck or similar but I’d really like to be able to keep everything in Wanikani,

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As far as I know there is no way to unlock a kanji before its time. The API doesn’t provide such a function.


Thanks for confirming that, I suspected that was the case. It’s a shame because I guess I’m not the only one that would find that functionality useful.


You can use the Jakeipuu app to review specific kanji already unlocked in your lessons (I do this whenever I see kanji I already know on a new level so I can get those out of the way first). But yeah, like proleau says, you unfortunately can’t force unlock kanji outside of your level or anything like that.

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