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I’m using the Basic Kanji Book in class and it would be awesome if there was a way to trip the system to do a few radicals / kanji ahead of the level I’m on so that I can learn my class kanji within Wani Kani- is there a clever script somewhere that would be me do that?

I know the other answer is to speed up but … no!

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Unfortunately, WaniKani is a fixed system, so there isn’t a way to do that, even with scripts (unless you count cheating your way through as a script function? But that’ll only allow you to go as fast as WaniKani allows anyways… also don’t do this). You could study the kanji on your own though, making your own Anki deck or Kitsun deck (or maybe such decks already exist), if you really want to have a SRS system matched to your class.

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Even if you haven’t unlocked an item yet, you can still view it manually:




With the [Self Study] script, you can study any level (unless you’re not subscribed).
But it’s not selective enough to pick and choose certain items to study.

As @trunklayer said, though, you can view items manually. The [Self-Study Hide Info] script can hide the English on the level pages so you can look at specific items and try to remember them without seeing the answers.


Like that you will cheat on the reason why WaniKani exists…
It takes time to teach you stuff in time. Would not work if you skip stuff or jump forward.

Ah, it’s not about cheating - it’s about not skipping over the mnemonic components intended to help you remember the more complex kanji.

The “reason why WaniKani exists” is to help you memorise kanji. If you’re memorising kanji by some other means, that’s not cheating, but just fulfilling WaniKani’s goals.


Is WaniKani based on algorithms? Or am I wrong?

If it is… forcing It, it’s like cheating the logic (It’s way of recognize what you know or not). If using third party won’t touch the algorithm, so It’s ok.

It’s just an idea, but anyway, If it’s better for a person this way… obviously, It’s ok.

Wanikani’s algorithm is essentially this: If you don’t remember the item, it will show it to you more often. If you do remember it, it will show it to you less often.

So, if you remember it because of study outside of Wanikani, then Wanikani’s algorithm will react accordingly and show you the item less often (as it should).

The only way to really ‘break’ the algorithm is if you always study items just before they come up for quiz, for the sake of passing the quiz. Doing so would give the algorithm a false sense of whether you know the items. (But, of course, that still means you are studying the items, which means there’s a chance you are learning them well anyway. So it may or may not matter.)


Thanks for all the comments. I’m definitely not trying to cheat the system - just wanted to see if there was a way to combine the kanji learning I have to do for class into this system as I like the staff and interface. Sadly it’s not to be

Nope, but if you keep going with WK, even if slowly, you will find benefit and returns from this in your class! Some things you learn here, will come back in your other studies, making those a little easier, and the other way around, you learn stuff before seeing them in WK, making progressing in WK a bit easier as well!

Absolutely - the kanji I have learnt in WK has helped with my class vocab already.


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