Learn Japanese With Manga Channel

Hey people, just thought I’d share a beautiful resource that might come in handy for some people.

I somehow stumbled upon this channel one day and it has since introduced me to a lot of new manga that I had never heard of before. At the same time, he also uses manga that are very popular in order to describe grammar, vocab, slang, etc.

It is all in Japanese (which I think is great) but for the people in distress, there is a constant flow of translations in the corner of the video where you can quickly glance to look up unknown words.

This is not a resource that will teach you Japanese from 0 but it is a very nice supplement to you studies. Especially if you read a lot of manga or watch anime.


These are brilliant. I can also read quite a bit of the subtitles at my level. Perfect!


Wow this looks really cool. Thanks for sharing.

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This looks really good, thank you for sharing :blush:

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Hope you enjoy!


He also has really affordable lessons on Italki.


This is great! And he speaks clearly…

thank you!

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Thank you for posting this. I’ve seen his videos before but always thought they were way above my level. Well, when I saw the beginners video in your post I thought I’d give it a try…

… it is brilliant! Just the perfect level for me, with a good slow pace, repetition, an on-screen word-list, great graphics, and everything. I am astounded at just how good this is. Now I want to re-watch a few times and make notes. And, even more, he has a website where you can see the transcripts and word-lists. Brilliant. This is for sure going to become a major part of my study routine!

Nice one! :+1:


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