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Hi folks,
I’m posting this because I feel it’ll be useful for most of us as we’re trying to conquer this insanely tough language.
My (UK based) Japanese language university tutor (who has recently been made redundant due to the virus) has started producing some pretty great videos to help her students, focusing on contextual input and shadowing. She’s been teaching for a long time and is super nice and helpful. You can find her YouTube channel HERE. She’s only started recently and I know is really keen to get some feedback or suggestions for topics.


Nice, I started listening to an N3 video but it I didn’t like that it started from the slow version right away. I’d prefer that it started from a natural speed/enunciation so that a student can try to understand as much as possible without assistance and then went through the text again with slower and better enunciated reading.

But I don’t have any proof that it’d be more effective. It’s just that for me vocab is the main issue, so I often don’t understand the text much better if it’s slowed down :sweat_smile:

There’s a great podcast called JLPT Stories that does just that. They read a story and then go over the tricky vocab and grammar and encourage you to listen to the text again multiple times afterwards.


Thanks for the JLPT Stories tip, d-hermit–I just subscribed. Congrats on making it to 58–looks like you’ll be at 60 soon enough. Cheers!

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Thanks for that, it’s a good point. I’ll pass what you said, including the podcast, tomorrow during my lesson. She also mentioned she was going to start doing some daily short form videos, though she’s
not saying what that’s going to look like :slight_smile:

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Fun channel and topics, I just subscribed.

No preference on either slow or normal first since the bookmarks are already in the description. Even normal holds back but it’s a language learning audience.

You should help her tighten her English titles (ex. “What do Japanese think funny?”). Also, suggest a note that the website is a work in progress next to the hyperlink and update it when ready.

Thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like it. I listened to one of the N4 channels. I found her idiom or rhythm or something more natural than a lot of other JLPT listening practice I’ve heard. I’m thinking stuff like JapanesePod101, though also how I remember the actual listening sections of the tests. I guess the differences are they have multiple speakers, but I also feel like they are trying REALLY hard to enunciate, not that your teacher isn’t. Whatever the difference is, I like what she’s doing, and that’s the only real productive comment I can make.

I wonder what the rules are to end up in the wiki.

Yeah, I thought that but felt awkward telling her. I’ve never been comfortable correcting the teacher :smiley: That’s a good idea on the notes. I believe the website will be up and running fairly soon but I I do hate a wasted click :stuck_out_tongue:

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