Last session: Failed, should have moved down SRS... Instead BURNED

If you make a mistake on one part of the item (either reading or meaning) then wait two hours, the mistake will be erased and you can go ahead and burn it.

I haven’t tracked the incidents, yet, but I was feeling like this had happened to a few items recently, too. It is usually that feeling of “oh, I missed this one a couple days ago” then “burned”!?!?

I can try to track this as well, if I feel like I see it again.


I knew that before (thought it was only for 1 hour)… but I did the wrap-up in each case here. (See OP.)

Also, the 基本 doesn’t make sense either if I only enlightened it a week or two ago (or even a month, it’s supposed to be +3 months after enlightened to burn it.)

You’re not wrong, though.

@oldbonsai - re: the changes in May - If you’re looking at my review timings, you will see that I haven’t done hardly any reviews in May, or June… it’s really only the last 2 weeks or so where I’ve been attacking my review pile after a long hiatus (due to grad school). So it’s possible the issue’s been there (for me at least?) but was only discovered when I finally started to do my reviews.

Could it be an issue with individual items only? Like, because of the reorder script, I was mainly doing reviews from levels 4-10, and 16 (and maybe 15) at first, trying to get the old items burned, and the new items that I don’t know because I barely looked at them before vacation mode back into my brain. But only in the last 2 days have I been hitting the items from levels 12-14 (and maybe 11, but I think some of those trickled in a bit a few weeks ago)…

Just wondering if isolating it by specific item or level might help…?

@daines I’m really glad I’m not the only one. Thank you!

EDIT: @rfindley how would I check my jStorage? Also, would it likely still be in there (if it didn’t send at the review-start-old-items push)…? Would that even be helpful information, @oldbonsai ?


The failures can be atomic. So if one review submission fails, it doesn’t mean any others fail.

The gaps are bigger than two hours (to not give away any study habits), so the failed ones probably aren’t going through.

That happened back in September, so that timing works.

There are a lot of theories in the thread, and I’m not seeing a consistent pattern yet. Let’s get some more information and see where this goes.

Keep your scripts off for a while (if you can) and do some reviews. Keep an eye on anything that you get wrong (and finish both parts of) and see what happens with those items. If you’re wrapping up and going back to the review page, you should see those items in the summary. If you don’t, you know the review didn’t make its way to the server.

I was also wondering if it could be related to/or a holdover from this bug a few years back…

Items not moving out of review pool after doing them - #13 by AnimeCanuck
Self-resurrecting items!?

By that you mean per-item, if I am understanding you correctly… yes?

If you’re talking about mine, I’m not worried about it. ^^ The actual amount of hours might be helpful… (would it?)

But I am positive I reviewed it a week or two ago. Did I burn it and the burn didn’t take instead? O.o

My next review is in an hour and a half and is only 1 item… I don’t have a significant amount until around 9pm EST. (Around 10 or so…)
I suppose I should mention that I absolutely saw the items in the review summary - and they both - 追いかける and 例外 showed up in my custom “recent fails” pile in @rfindley’s self-study script, a half an hour-ish later.

For the last week or so, I’ve been dealing with my failed items like this:

  • On the review page, I say the readings and meanings for every item I failed, multiple times - more the less I think I know it. I do this for ~1-10 minutes, depending on the number of items and how badly I feel I knew the items in question. (I’ve always been doing this - at least for as long as the forums have been on discourse, probably beforehand.)
  • Then, 30 mins later (to an hour), I open up the Self-Study Quiz script on the dashboard, and work through my “recent fails” - which is set to only look at failed items from the last review session, only if that session was within the last 8 hours. If I get any wrong that time, I do the remaining items again, until I get 100% correct.
  • Then I leave the items alone, and wait until my WK reviews come up.

This is why I am absolutely positive that I did these reviews. O.o (And why I’m confused as to how they didn’t make it to the server - where is WKOF/Self-Study Quiz/WKOF Additional Features pulling them from?)

EDIT: I finally resurrected 例外. So now I expect to see that in my reviews again. And to not burn it.

noticed this issue the other day as well, just using android version of the WK app, have:

portrait mode
single button
ignore button
wanikani improve
auto popup
no suggestions
mute button
hw acceleration


Hopefully this helps with the bug in some way!

An app you downloaded, or the mobile website?

Currently all the apps are 3rd party, so it probably doesn’t help.

For my case, I don’t use scripts. I do jump browsers, whether phone or laptop. I have a bookmark on the actual reviews page, so that when I know I have lessons, I just load the tab and refresh to go straight into reviews (otherwise I have to refresh on the status page before following the link into the reviews).

I’ll start taking screenshots of the results page when I fail things, to track things that way.

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In the case of 基本, it appears I may have mistaken it with 基本的, which is currently Guru and is 6 days from my next review, according to the item page. I must’ve seen that one a week ago. However, I seem to recall getting it (or whichever of the two items I actually reviewed ~1 week ago) right, not wrong… so… I’m getting more confused.

Speaking of synonyms, I noticed I can’t add synonyms anymore during reviews, and wondered if it was wk-side or if one of my scripts did the thing.

app i downloaded, it has some built in userscript equivalents you can enable, just called WK

In the Javascript console:


And look for items like r243, k2412, and v8371 for radicals, kanji, and vocab.
If you want to check the timeout for an item:


TTL == Time to live… the number of milliseconds before it expires.
They disappear automatically when they expire.

It has happened to me too with a couple of items, but I forgot to write them down… Like, I just got it wrong, but on the next try WK burned the item. After those, I haven’t had any items do that.

I use plenty of scripts, though:

No scripts here and I occasionally get the add synonym bug.

I just had the same issue you talked about here. I just burned the word 預ける. I got it wrong I think yesterday or the day before and it said it dropped it down but maybe it didn’t go through?

@oldbonsai One way we could help you debug this problem is if we could check when we brought each item into each SRS level (e.g. Apprentice 1 on 2019-01-01 11:00 am, Enlightened on 2019-05-01 08:00 pm etc.)

That way we can rule out any mistaken bug report, since we can see ourselves if an item was indeed enlightened or not when we were supposed to encounter this bug.

Technically there’s now an official WK iOS app, but it’s in invite-only beta. And it’s really buggy too, so I wouldn’t recommend it at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I couldn’t use it even if I were invited - I’m an Android user.

What I meant is that you can’t really assume that someone using an app is using a 3rd party app anymore.
That being said, the official app doesn’t include any user scripts, so their mention of it was indeed a red flag.

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Well, that’s good to know regardless.
But yeah, “ignore” or “override” definitely meant 3rd Party with built-in scripts. XD

Either yesterday or this morning was the first I’d heard mention of the app, through oldbonsai in one of the announcement threads, I think. It made no mention of which platform it was for, though… so now I know… Apple.

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