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Hi guys,

As i’m going forward with wanikani, am I right to understand that from level 43 (where i am right now), you can pass the levels much more faster given the lower number of radicals there is to unlock ?
On my iphone API, what I understand is that I should be able to pass a level in 4 days ? Or im wrong ?

Sorry if this looks like a useless question, I just like to plan ahead in time my learning journey and visualize where and when I will be at some importants steps.

Thank you !

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Not every level from 43. Generally speaking a level is a fast level, if the radicals it teaches you only appear in 3 kanji on that level. This is in fact the case for 43, but I think there are a couple past that that don’t have this going on.

Also, not quite 4 days, rather, if you are as fast as possible, 3.5-ish. But this of course comes with the challenge, that you will have a ton of levels in the apprentice category at once.

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ok I see, thank you for your help !

Most people who have done it usually advise against it if you don’t have the time to dedicate to so many reviews. Personally I think you do yourself a disservice is rushing.

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yeah I fully agree with these people on the general idea that rushing takes out a lot of the pleasure you can take in learning a language, but for myself i’m tied by the deadlines of some examinations, so I kinda have to do it the hard way and put a lot of my time in it ! :blush:

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If you have some big deadline coming up, I would recommend against rushing through the fast levels even more. The workload doesn’t stop once you hit level 60 unless you immediately stop doing your reviews, which means you won’t properly internalize very many of the items from the last several levels anyway.

For perspective, here's what my review counts have looked like leading up to level 60 and post-level 60:

I did my last level 60 lessons back in May, and I’m still doing like 70-80 reviews a day. Keep in mind, these stats are from a pretty slow and steady pace, with about 2-week levels. If you do the fast levels in 3.5 days, your review counts will be much, much higher than mine for that last stretch until level 60, and will also be higher than mine for a while afterward, probably a few months at least.

If you’re about to get super busy, I recommend slowing down several weeks before you get busy, not speeding up. You can still make plenty of progress in WK at a slower pace! The last chunk of levels are also by far the least useful, so there’s no real reason to rush through them. You’d be way better off just continuing to do the reviews you already have in circulation without doing any new lessons, rather than trying to rush through levels 44-60 and ballooning your review count so high that you burn out and quit doing your reviews as soon as you reach 60.

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actually for me it became slower, I am taking more than a month to level up now

never found these fast levels


I also slowed way down after hitting the “fast” levels. It’s not because I’m doing fewer reviews every day, either. Something about these late levels is just taking longer.

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To give you an idea of what lies ahead:

Currently, the fast levels on Wanikani are: 43, 44, 46, 47, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

Since there are constant content changes, I use the script below to get the latest update on this. :slight_smile:

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Emphasis on “can” – if you intend to finish them, you probably shouldn’t unless you have 4-5 hours a day to devote to reviews for a long time… your Apprentice counts will skyrocket from going max speed

linking the op too

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Here’s a thread with my experience speedrunning the fast levels. At the peak, I was spending over two hours per day on Wanikani, and I barely learned anything.

If you have exams to prepare for, that’s even more reason not to devote your life to Wanikani.


Ah, I found it through a comment in a different discussion thread and had it just bookmarked as is! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Just interested to know where you generated the reviews over time chart.

I used this script:

Which relies on this script:

However, due to recent changes to WK, our review history info that used to be available to us is no longer available, so if you don’t have heatmap already installed, it’ll only be able to track your review numbers going forward and won’t have a record of all of your reviews. It also will only track the reviews done on the device you have it installed on, so if you do reviews on multiple devices, you’ll be out of luck.

I’ve been using the script for a few years, so I had the old version and then updated mine when the change took place, so I have an almost complete (it’s missing maybe a few dozen reviews from the day the change happened) record of my own review history.


Thanks for this. I do reviews on multiple devices so it wouldn’t have given me the full picture. It is interesting to see that my reviews numbers are kinda normal. :slight_smile: