Just hit Level 44 and got slapped with 154 lessons - now the fun begins

I’ve gotten to the legendary point where you don’t need to complete a level in two stages due to there only being 3 or less radicals, so I can do one level in minimum 3 days, but that will likely be 4 or 5 lol. This is the final stretch, or final hell, I should say, until I finally finish Wanikani. Wish me luck!

Edit: I feel super worn out after doing all 154 lessons at once. This is gonna be hard aaaaaaaaaaahhhh


well you may have to consider that again. taking from a kinda super fast goer graph I think you still have
level 44
level 45
level 48
which will probably require more than 6 days to level up.


but anyway good luck! xD


No 44 is a fast level. You are right that 45 and 48 are slow levels though.


oh thanks!
argg you are at 50 now omg that’s so …
uh I have to hurry up >"<


Haha I’m coming for you! Whether my main reviews are at noon or 3am, I will do them! :smiling_imp:


Best of luck, fast levels are absolutely brutal if you decide to max speed. I’m averaging 4-5 days on level and that’s brought my daily review count from 250-300 before the fast levels to 350-500+ now. (Today’s actually my new record for most reviews in a day, 724 so far but I’m about to sit down and do 50 more lol).

I’d say my best advice is to keep lessons under control- don’t let lessons from previous levels continue building up (which, since you have 154 lessons right now, I’d assume you have a good amount left from level 42?) You can prevent it by doing the 0/0 streak challenge. It’s a good way to keep yourself accountable. Good luck and godspeed!


I’m there too!!! :raising_hand_man:
But I went NOPE! and have been on the level a week already, and still have Kanji left in lesson :rofl:
I doubt I’ll do any of the fast levels fast =P


Good luck!

My plan when I get there is to still stick to 7-10 day level up. I paid for a lifetime subscription, so I am getting my lifetime out of it, dang it! :smiley:


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