How fast do i need to level up to finish wanikani in two years?

all in the title, my goal is to preferably finish wanikani in two years, but i was wondering how fast i would have to level up. i finished level two in 9 days, is this a good pace for my goal? thanks!

(365x2)/60 = 12.17 days

So you should be ok. 12 days per level is not that difficult if you put at least 1 hour a day on Wanikani.
Currently, I’m spending ~2 hours a day on Wanikani and I’m leveling up at 7-8 days per level speed.


oh 12 days is easy, i was thinking i needed to do 7-8 hours a day haha. also what do people mean when they say they spend hours on wanikani? do you study it?

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By the way: Even if you fall a bit behind on this, 16 out of the 18 last levels are “fast levels” and can be completed in half the time of regular levels - as can be seen in this chart (WaniKani World Record):


ahh i see, why are they so fast?

Well with 300 items to review perday and some lessons here and there.
I spend around 1-2 hours per day on Wanikani just doing those two things.

This is my stats. I’m not using any script that could affect my reviews and lessons.
The scripts I’m currently using are Black theme, Pitch accent, and Visually similar Kanji.


ahhh okay thanks!

You should also be careful not to have too many leeches, or the time you spend on reviews will only increase


Level 2 is a fast level in itself though, so check on level 3 how much time you need, it will be a better benchmark.


I think anything before level 20 is a bad benchmark how long you’d actually need, because around that time the burn reviews start…

I crashed in the 20s and slog ever since :joy:

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It also depends on what you have in mind when saying “finish wanikani”. Is it the point when you get most of level 60 radicals & kanji to guru or do you want to burn everything? Or something in between?

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whats a leach?

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yeah i realised that its gonna take longer to finish level three haha.

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A leech is an item that you keep getting wrong, and takes a looooooonnnnnnnnggggggg time to reach master

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ahhh okay thanks for the info.

Fast because there are so few radicals in the later levels, that the first batch of Kanji that you unlock in each of the fast levels already constitute over 90% of that level’s Kanji.

Highly don’t recommend going full speed in those fast levels though, unless you enjoy having to sit through over 300 reviews for 4/5 days every week.


What do people mean by that?

  • Reach level 60
  • Burn everything

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I definitly read it as “get to level 60”, and that’s seem to be the question the rest of these responces are answering too
But that’s odd because I definitly intend to burn everything as my final goal :thinking:

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I honestly see guru-ing everything as finishing WaniKani, so neither

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