What is the point of the "last 10" button?

Hi folks, does any one use the “last ten” button? What is the rationale behind it?
Any news on the proposal for the “demote” button?
Sorry if this has already been answered, I searched but did not find an answer.

Yes, it allows you properly finish out your session without completing all review items. Others can expand on the technical reasons, but it’s there if you’re session needs to be interrupted for some reason and you think you’ll time out before you get back.

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I use it when I need to stop a review in the middle but don’t want to lose my progress. The final ten clears out the queue of half-answered items (reading but not meaning and vice versa). Otherwise, after two hours of inactivity you lose those and have to do both reading and meaning again.


Demote button? If you really want to you can purposely get something wrong or even use the double check script to retype something wrong even though you answered it right.
Not sure why you would want to.

Also yes like others have said during a reviews you can have half answered items, like you answered the meaning but the reading.

Doing the “last 10” will finish any half items. So you can do the rest later, though you can just exit. If you just exit you will have to redo the item again

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The demote button is so you don’t need a script like double check. I first proposed it the last time double check broke and people freaked out. It’s useful for cases where you leveled something up but feel like you don’t know it well enough. It could also let you drop an item in the SRS without it being up for review, which is useful for if you failed to recognize an item in the wild.

@OP I emailed them about this in July and this was their response:

We do have it on our list of potential additions but as for the possibility of it being implemented in the next couple of months, we can’t say it’s likely as it isn’t an immediate concern and we haven’t had much chance to discuss it with ongoing overhauls of content and bug fixes for the site, in addition to other feature updates. Doesn’t mean we’ve axed the idea of it being in the site obviously, but there aren’t any plans in the near future to implement it.


I use the “last 10” button if I want to do my reviews in batches rather than all at once. Because there are 2 pieces to each kanji and vocab review, and they are all mixed up, if I want to stop in the middle, I want to “finish” a few instead of leaving so many “open” or half-finished. Helps my brain.

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Are you talking about the “Wrap up” button, or the “last 10” button?

People answered assuming you talked about the “wrap up” one, where it lets you finish 10 items in order to avoid the case where you answered meaning but not reading (and vice versa).

The “last 10” button lets you see the last 10 items you have reviewed. I use it when I want to check the mnemonic or radicals of an item I just reviewed.


I was asking about the “last ten” and not the “wrap up”. I understand the use of the “wrap up” and use it quite often but I’m not able to imagine a reason for why the “last ten” button would be needed. I was unsure if people were answering about the “wrap up” or the “last ten”…

I use it all the time. Since I also use the Lightning mode, I don’t have the opportunity to see the details of an item if I answered correctly.


Thanks RIchard! I did not know about the lightning mode: when I reach Death levels I will try it. Once more I should take my hat off to RFindley’s scripts.

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