Koohi Cafe thread?

I tried out the SRS and really didn’t care for it in its current state. It looks like I would have to manually select the words to review each time (!!!). There’s just a lot of shadow work to get going (even with the WK level input), which is why I think the list gen and SRS should be decoupled completely. There are more mature SRS systems out there that would love these lists, which themselves are pure gold.

Anki has the Morphman plug to remove known words as well. I haven’t used it yet, but the internet seems to love it.

Ok, so the exporter doesn’t only pull from your review deck? That’s good news. It’s really not clear from the site (it’s like “pay me to find out” kind of thing).

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Oh no, you can specify the book you want to export

Well that’s exactly what I want then! Off to spend a few dollars…

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Umm, no? Can you elaborate why you think that? On the lesson page you have to drag and select the words you want to make a lesson out of, but the reviews work just like WK.

The exporter has nothing to do with your current reviews.

Well at least glad you got what you needed :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Report back how the patreon goes, I’m also gonna try it and worry a bit how the layered rights get added to my account automatically.

Does this mean Anki ignores duplicate entries even when the card is in another deck?

Yes! When importing you can tell it to ignore entries that already exist with the same note type


Seems to have worked without any issue! I got the CSV.
The lesson section on Koohi and FloFlo make you click each word you want to review one by one rather than just adding the whole “deck” to a queue. It’s an odd step compared to other SRS platforms. That, along with the initial selection is a serious demand on time and fingers.

Sorry I misunderstood how the exporter worked. I was complaining about nothing.


That’s lessons, not reviews. WK limits you to 10 cards max, but Floflo is more flexible. Also, as mentioned, you can drag select, which takes half a second to select a bunch of cards. I do agree that the interface has a steep learning curve though.


Ah, I see. Thanks. I’m already mentally invested in Anki, so I’m going to stick with that, but it’s good that the export option still exists.


I might make a FloFlo thread to explain how it works, now that there isn’t a sensible place to ask :thinking: does that seem sensible, or a terrible idea… I can’t decide…


Sorry to necro this, but does koohi currently have a functionality (similarly to floflo) where you can input your WK level to get rid of vocab from here that one already knows?
Because if yes, I did not manage to find it, unless it somehow works automatically.

Will start out reading regularly with one of the two sites and wanted to pick the one currently supported, but this functionality is a make or break in my opnion.

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Yeah, it does.click learn and select your book(s).

On the right hand side, there will be a spot to put your WK level. Its where the 54 is in the right box


Ah, you’re right, I apparently missed that, thanks for the help. :slight_smile:
With that I’m armed to take on some books, then…

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