Katakana hi - which way is it?!

Is the first strike from right to left
or left to right? Or could both ways be ok?

Please help!


Well, IMO, I don’t think it really matters :slight_smile:

When the element that resembles it appears in kanji, such as in 比 or 花 or 北, it’s from right to left on that stroke.

Apparently with the katakana ヒ, it gets taught in both ways in different curricula, unless you’re doing calligraphy, in which case it’s like the kanji.


ok, thank u all. Wiki gives also both ways. It looks i must decide which way i will do it - left to right seems easier and is like ト and よ but well kanji is from right to left so…

Good thing that i can write 2 AM and get instant answer :slight_smile:
Thanks again.


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