Ever seen this before?

Just saying…

OH. and here’s another

You mean the kanji? Or that it’s left and right instead of right and left?

I think there’s a lot of vocab that suffers from lack of accepted synonyms.
There’s not really much to do but add them yourself.

Also, it’s mostly known as left and right because of the order of the kanji 左右 (left - right), but Jisho.org: Japanese Dictionary right and left seems to be an accepted synonym in jisho.


Ok, now I don’t know what you mean. .-.

so the description is that it’s ちゆう

I typed in that EXACTLY and still got it wrong.

It probably means ちゅう

That’s さゆう :slight_smile:

What’s the difference?

I just got both wrong. Tried it as Chyuu and Chiyu

さ =/= ち?
Sa - Chi

The correct reading is Sayuu.

I recommend brushing up on hiragana.


Okay, I see it. Lol


You can also listen to vocab to hear how it’s pronounced.

What’s in the background?

Looks like the Hourou Musuko anime.

No actually it’s 月がきれい, one of my favourites

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Tsukiji ga kirei, actually

Makes sense. I haven’t watched that, and I wasn’t sure.

Clicking this button will play an audio recording, it’ll help you memorize the word:

You can turn on automatic playback for these btw (WaniKani — Log in):

The audio recordings are one of the most useful features of WaniKani.

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mnemonic: If you see me looking left and right, you can be certain that I sayuu (saw you).


That is a good one! As for how to easily remember what sign is left and right, I used a mnemonic that left part of our brain is for logic and science i.e. construction. Right side of brain is for expression, so mouth.

Also with stroke order, 左 starts from left and 右 from right (well, more like up, but the stroke slants towards left anyhow).


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