Help very confuse

i need help i dont understand the kanji reading part at all and i am very frustrated


What’s your specific issue? What are you not understanding? That way we can more easily help you.


In order to answer the reading part, you have to know how to phonetically pronounce the kanji. Wanikani will translate the ‘romaji’ (occidental writing) into hiragana or katakana for you.

If you don’t know hiragana or katakana, it could explain your problem. If so, use the tip button under the review to help you figure out how to type the sound you’re looking for.

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Hmm on the reading? Do you know hiragana? is that the issue?

My money is on the ‘じゆう vs じゅう’ problem


If I’m not mistaken for じゆう you need yo type ji yu u. However if you want じゅう you have to type ju u.

It is actually the way you pronounce it.

I hope it answers your concerns.

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Have you tried turning it off and back on again?


hi jayminded,
don’t get confused, you will get answers on the forum and you will get less confused. can you rephrase your question?

This feels like something I’d post after getting a kanji reading wrong for the fifth time in a row


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