Kanji are either huge or tiny on my monitor :(

I don’t see any other comments about this, so hopefully it’s not a duplicate thread.

When I do lessons/reviews on my PC, if the browser window is full-screen, the kanji is HUGE. When I resize the window, it stays the same size, until I make the window juuuuust small enough. Then, the kanji font size snaps to one much much smaller… which actually looks a bit too small and pixelated.

Is there a reason this is happening? I’d be totally fine just resizing the window until the kanji was a comfortable size, but it seems like my only options are very big, small, and extremely small. Why doesn’t the font size scale down more freely?


Hi! I haven’t seen this issue before but feel free to email us about it an we can try to figure it out! hello@wanikani.com :+1:


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