Anyway to increase text size to legible?

If I get a reading wrong on a kanji, the correct answer is nearly hidden to the left hand of the screen in tiny size 7 font, whereas the memonic is front and center in size 14 font.

I’d rather have the answer in a larger, legible font centered on the screen and the memonic in smaller font to the side. Though the tiny size of the font used at all as anything but a TOS font is insane, and detrimental to learning (if all you can remember is having to increase the font size to tell the difference between ぼ and ぽ, you’re reinforcing the wrong thing).

The fonts are different sizes? Can you take a screenshot?

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is this what you’re referring to?

to me, the mnemonic and reading both look to be the same font size. perhaps it would be somewhat more beneficial to have the reading displayed more prominently, but honestly after years of doing this i just know to instinctively look to the left side for the correct reading. it’s unlikely that the devs will make this change, so i would recommend seeking out a script (i couldn’t tell you if one that increases font size already exists because i don’t use scripts) or just learning to deal with it.

if you really believe this issue needs to be addressed, your best bet is to send them an email. you can find that on this page: About - WaniKani Community

Every time I try to take a screenshot it keeps taking a shot of a black page, so I assume there’s some sort of copy protection on the site like there is for Netflix. But yeah, the Japanese text is half the size of the English text. I’ve blown the page up to 150% and it’s still difficult to read. I normally get around the issue by only using user created apps, as they have so far shown to be better designed than the site, but I just happened to use the site on my laptop for the first time in ages and the issue is insanely noticeable. One of my friends told me it’s an ongoing issue that the devs have no plans to address.

This is what mine looks like.

Are you complaining about this or does yours look different?

That’s not something I’ve ever noticed.

What browser are you using?


Yeah, people post screenshots of their review/lesson pages all the time. All of the site’s content can be accessed without even subscribing anyway.

  1. do other sites with mixed languages also have uneven text size? (EDIT: looking at adam’s screenshot, i guess the reading area does look a little small)
  2. have you installed a japanese or han font pack and/or what is providing japanese in your OS, also which OS? (as an example, depending on how linux is installed, it might default to no additional alphabet support until manually installing a font like ‘noto’ or ‘adobe-source-han’)
  3. do you have font subpixel antialiasing enabled in the OS? (windows looks terrible with cleartype disabled, osx looks terrible without retina)

i’ve been doing wani on a phone browser so far, but now i will try on a standard dpi desktop browser, if/when i get a wrong answer i’ll try to remember to check the individual sizes

but here’s a tip if you happen to already use ublockorigin, you can force visual styles without any additional or complex browser addons

here’s a test that enlarges the main menu buttons at the top: !important)

for basic adjustments like size or colors, might as well tweak them yourself as needed without depending on the site being updated (if the browser or its addons support making these overrides)

as for the black page screenshot… do you mean the browser screenshot button or the OS’s or even a third party browser addon or OS app to take screenshots?

EDIT: the font size is 16, when you make the window smaller until it triggers the phone design it then becomes 13

there is no size 7, even the top numbers next to the thumbs up icon are size 11 for phone, 16 for desktop, all sizes visually appear the same as adam’s screenshot

note that i’m checking this on linux desktop, adobe han font, with no wani addons, no browser zoom level, no OS zoom level (1x or 100% scale, no retina, no hidpi, 24" 1080p monitor), i know that some laptops come with different defaults like 120% scale for ~16" 1080p


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